Team Gregula's Midnight Terror 2018 Experience!

Team Gregula's Midnight Terror 2018 Experience!

Midnight Terror Haunted House meets Team Gregula, and what a terror it was! Though it wasn’t at Midnight…but that’s not important.

This marks the second time for us visiting Midnight Terror in Oak Lawn IL. The haunt has definitely improved since last year which was a bit lack-luster. For one thing, the low bridge maze was much shorter this year which made for much less back problems for 1000 year old Cousin Jessi! They also made the waiting area indoors which was nice because it was raining the night we went.

Midnight Terror had lots of other gastly characters and spooky scenes! There were lots of different actors portraying many different characters such as a horrific dentist that may or may not have gone to dental school, a crazy cook who likes to make brain stew, homeless zombies, people which weapons for limbs, you name it! There was also a couple squishy walls that make you feel a tad claustrophobic and my favorite, a spinning room! I also liked the addition of the foggy swamp to walkthrough that was created using a green light to create a “wading in water” effect.

The chainsaw maze was much improved as well! Last year I felt it was too long and so it being entirely outside (and possibly raining) made it not as much scary as it was cold and miserable. This year it is still outside, but much shorter and easier to navigate so you could focus more on being afraid of being chopped to pieces, which is of course what we all came for!

My main issue with Midnight Terror though is I didn’t notice any sort of theme for that haunt. It was all a hodgepodge of different characters and rooms and nothing fit together. There was no story being told as you walked through. One room was someone’s house, another room was just a dark hallway, that kind of thing. Haunts don’t necessarily have to have a theme, but I always found it more excited and makes you wonder what would happen next to fit the theme!

Also I really didn’t like they let everyone all just walk in a row together without spacing people out. Usually you walk through a haunted house with the people you came in with, and maybe a couple other people, but mainly small groups. Then they wait a bit for those groups to get through a bit before they send in the next group. Here, they just had everyone filing in and so it was very cluttered. The other problem is that I feel it makes the haunt less scary if you have a bunch of people in front of you because then the actor scares them, you see it, and it’s not scary for you when you go up. Plus you feel rushed. So bottom line, they should’ve spaced out the groups better.

Other than that, I thought it was a great haunt, MUCH improved from last year and had some very good characters and actors! Some of them even stayed in character after I met them in the breakroom! Well done actors! I give the haunt 3 out of 5 Ankhs.

There is still time to see Midnight Terror Haunted House before the season is over! It runs every weekend till the end of October, tickets are $25 or $35 for VIP! For more info check out the website Midnight Terror. Happy Haunts!

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