Review: Six Flags Great America Fright Fest 2018

Review: Six Flags Great America Fright Fest 2018

Greetings mortals and morsels! Well it looks like the Halloween haunted attraction season will soon be coming to an end *insert sad face*. But never fear, (or fear all the time! mwahahaha) for Team Gregula has another terrifying treat for you!

After being trapped in a mausoleum (hospital) for the last couple weeks, I was more than ready to join Da Count and Cousin Jessi for a thrilling trip to Six Flags Great America for their annual Fright Fest. The 2018 scare season is billed as being on “SCARE-OIDS” featuring SIX haunted attractions and SIX frightful shows over SIX weekends, 666 – the amusement park of the Beast! The complete terrifying transformation of this 100-acre theme park creates a dark and forboding atmosphere for our putrid pleasure.



The giant double decker carousel which is the centerpiece to Great America welcomed us back after a couple years away from the park. We were a little disappointed that the water in the front pool were still their normal crystal blue instead of the dark bloody red we had seen in Fright Fests past, but we didn’t let that dampen our spooky spirits.


Six Flags Fright Fest is divided into two kinds of spook-tacular fun, Thrills By Day and Fright By Night. During the early hours there are plenty of kid-friendly stuff to do such as the Character Candy Trail in the Mardi Gras area and scare-free zones like Camp Cartoon, Kidzopolis and Hometown Park. For The Thrill Seekers there are rides such as The Dark Knight, and American Eagle roller coasters, Rue Le Dodge (bumper cars) and the League of Justice ride where you get to shoot bad guys in a virtual DC Comics world.




There was another walkthrough area called “Six Saints Cemetery” where rides that are no longer in operation have been memorialized, which was pretty cool and nostalgic.



If you’re looking for extra scares, there are six different haunted houses within the park such as Massacre Medical Center and Hellfest, available for an additional fee.


As the park neared closing time the ghouls and goblins and scary clowns came out to play, so we needed to make our escape to the entrance where we got to see a magnificent view of the double-decker carousel in all its brightly lighted Halloween glory.



Team Gregula had a great time celebrating the return of the Countess (me!) at Six Flags Fright Fest. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

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