Cousin Jessi vs House of Torment Haunted House...and Wheelchairs

Cousin Jessi vs House of Torment Haunted House...and Wheelchairs

So Halloween is almost over but the haunts aren’t! Team Gregula recently visited House of Torment Haunted House in Morton Grove. The haunted house is broken up into two separate attractions that you go to one after the other for all one price.

The first house Dead by Dawn has you walking through a virus plagued city. All the inhabitants managed to flee or hide from the plague except for a few poor souls who were locked up and unable to escape. DBD will have you twisting through a demented Chicago El car, past zombies and poor civilians who are almost zombie like creatures who are trying to escape, dark and brooding swamps, and even a terrifying mansion. Your fearless Cousin Jessi was waiting with Cousin Marco for the other slow pokes and decided to move into the next room to wait, only to see a terrifying – The Shiningesque – dark hallway which we immediately noped right out of. We found it much safer to wait with the poor guy stuck in a astronaut helmet.

Immediately following Dead by Dawn was the next house that is based on the urban legend of Slenderman. Traverse through an abandoned school and it’s creepy inhabitants as you and them try to escape the clutches of Slenderman. Dark and smoky hallways and rooms await you in this house. Plus you’re classic chainsaw guys cuz why not right?
Both houses were very spooky and fit their themes nicely. The only issue I had with both houses is that the designs are really not that different from previous years. They tried to update them adding lots of smoke and darkness…the swamp was definitely new. They also changed up the school in the Slenderman house and made it more relevant to the theme, but overall it was the same. Still fun and scary, but if you were looking for a brand new experience this might not be it.

However! House of Torment Haunted House did add a brand new feature called Patient Zero that is a separate experience that costs extra (but is well worth it in my opnion.) in this experience, you are a healthy patient – unlike the ones in DBD – and the orderlies are trying to get you out of the penitentiary before the mad plaque doctor notices and infects you! They don’t want to take any chances however so in order for you to escape you must be tied to a wheelchair with a veil over your head. That’s right, you cannot move or see anything that is happening as the orderlies run you ragged around the gauntlet and try to get you out! I loved this experience personally, mainly because I didn’t have to actually use my own legs, but also because it was very unique and scary! You have no idea where you are or where you’re going and are at the mercy of the doctors. The only thing I didn’t like was that was the actors get a bit carried away in pushing you around the room that the guy bumped my foot into the wall a couple times. I wasn’t injured but I did tell him to be careful because I’m several thousand years old and I’m fragile! Despite that, I still highly recommend you pay the little bit extra for this because it’s a fun experience! It’s not very long either, maybe 5-7 mins.

Three, three three haunts in one! What more could you want? Perhaps a few new set designs, and some not so overly ambitious wheelchair actors but other than that not much. I give it four outta five Ankhs.


And don’t worry kids! There is still one more week left to experience House of Torment Haunted House with a special Blackout haunt this weekend! Tickets range from $20-$30 depending on the day and the haunts you want to do. For more info check out the website House of Torment.

They also have year round room escapes so check those out as well! Happy Haunting all!

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