Team Gregula Faires it up at Bristol Renaissance Faire

Team Gregula Faires it up at Bristol Renaissance Faire

What’s more fun than sword play, turkey legs, tons of shops, mud fights, and throwing tomatoes at obnoxious people? Well, very little that’s what! Well this is just some of what’s in store for you at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Team Gregula was able to attend this year and saw all that and then some!

Let’s talk about the shops! Bristol Renaissance Faire has lots of shops ranging from jewelry and soaps, to candles and incense, and medieval clothing! The nice thing is that almost EVERYTHING is homemade from vendors from all over the country so it really feels authentic and special.



Done shopping, now let’s eat! Bristol Renaissance Faire has a plethora of food. They have your staple turkey legs and bread bowls of soup. They also have classic favorites such as pizza, roast beef and chicken wings. They occasionally add new foods like tempura and bagel dogs. There is also wonderful desserts such as ice cream, Italian ice, and even crepes! Don’t attend the faire without buying a pickle on a stick! I would love if the faire changed up the food a bit more. As much as I love the food that’s there, it’s nice to come back and say “hey what new thing will they have this year?”


The shows the shows the shows! There is fire whip experts, balancing acts, magic for the kiddies, and of course your obligatory jousting match. One big fan favorite is the Mud Show. This is where groan men slap themselves silly with mud in exchange for cheap applause and perhaps even a kiss from a cute girl. What could be more fun? It’s a must see for any new faire dweller!

Team Gregula’s favorite show though is Vegetable Justice. This is where a man insults you relentlessly as you whip tomatoes (which is actually a fruit but whatever, I didn’t name the show) at his head. Sort of like a dunk tank but with food instead. It’s fun to participate in the show or simply just to sit and watch the insults fling! Don’t think you are safe either! If the performer feels salty he will insult innocent bystanders as well – it’s all in good fun though.
There are also lots of games to play at Bristol Renaissance faire such as axe throwing and archery, and kids rides as well, all run by human hands as opposed to machines. There is also face painting and occasionally balloon animals, so there is lots to do with the kiddies!



The big issue I have with Bristol Renaissance Faire is that it really does not change much year to year. Same shows, same stores, same performers. I know it would be difficult to change completely every year, but I would love to see a couple new shows. You can only watch a guy slap mud on himself so many times after all. Also changing up the food too! Not getting rid of old stuff, because that would cause a mutiny, but added some new ones annually or even monthly would be great. However, Ye Olde Pub Crawl was rather interesting.


Even though it’s the same every year, it is still a fun place to go and still offers a lot of options. They are even starting to accept credit at some stores! I give it a 3 ½ outta five.

There is only one weekend left this year so don’t delay! For more info check out the website, ticket prices are $25 for adults and $11.50 for kids. Discounts available for Seniors and military as well! Huzzah!

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