Cousin Jessi makes a narrow escape from the paranormal crimestoppers Unavowed

Cousin Jessi makes a narrow escape from the paranormal crimestoppers Unavowed

Hey guys! Cousin Jessi has a review for you that hits a little too close to home. It’s about a group of people who fight the strange and unusual…hope they decide to leave me and my cousins alone! Anyhoo, strange doings are going on in the state of New York. People are being mysteriously murdered, ghosts and other terrifying creatures are appearing all over the city, and even strange portals to different worlds. Things really get bad when you wake up and realize that YOU were the one causing all of this stuff to happen thanks to a pesky demon possessing you!


Unavowed is a point and click puzzle adventure game by Wadjeteye. The Unavowed are a small group of supernatural crime fighters (meaning they fight the supernatural AND are supernatural themselves!) The group consists of a fire mage, a Jin, a regular police detective, a ghost whisperer and his adorable spirit friend, and you – a poor schmuck who was been possessed by a demon. The main thing these people have in common are that they were all “touched by the void” meaning that they have witnessed the supernatural first hand and have now decided to dedicate their lives to protecting others from them. Right now their main mission is to fix all the trouble and mayhem caused by you, the main character. Thanks a lot!

This isn’t your typical campy P&C adventure kids! Unavowed is actually rather dark and very creepy! It can also be pretty graphic at times too. There are a couple times when you can die (and sometimes gruesomely!) in the game, but you always start right back where you were so feel free to be creative!


The main character of Unavowed is not a set character like in all other Wadjeteye games. In this case the player gets to chose the character’s name, gender, and even occupation. Who you choose changes the story in a couple different ways. For one thing it changes the dialogue of how people refer to you you and even gives you special dialogue choices you can pick instead of the boring generic ones. For example if you chose to be an actor you could use your acting skills to get help form characters. Your origin story, when you became possessed and how, will also be very different depending on who you pick. So this adds a bit of replay value as well.

You can also pick which characters you want to accompany you on different missions throughout Unavowed. The characters all have different skills so the puzzle solutions change depending on who you use. And don’t worry, you can’t pick the wrong person to help, if a certain character is needed and you didn’t pick them, they will just show up when they are needed. Also, after every encounter with a supernatural being, you can decide what will become the fate of said creature. The choice you make WILL effect a couple things later in the game so be warned!


One thing that took some getting used to was the fact that Unavowed got rid of that tedious “click on everything to read a useless description.” Instead you simply hover the mouse over things in the room and it will give you a description or indicate if it is interact-able. I didn’t like this at first because I found it a bit distracting when moving the cursor around the screen. Also there were a couple things that I felt weren’t really explained in the ending, which I obviously can’t get into due to spoilers. I also feel they could have added a couple puzzles into the game that specifically exploited the characters choice of profession other than just some dialogue choices. For instance if you picked a bartender, maybe there could be a puzzle where you had to mix chemicals like a bartender would that wouldn’t be in the other playthroughs. Just an idea.


I really enjoyed Unavowed! Possibly my favorite Wadjeteye game! I felt that it was the first Wadjeteye game to really personalize the main character by allowing the player to pick gender and profession, and also by allowing the player to make choices about what the character does. There was tons of replay value, different characters to work with, and plenty of gory creepiness…if you’re into that kinda thing! It would’ve been nicer to see your occupation choice play out in the game more, and maybe even your gender choice, but otherwise Unavowed was very fun and different. I give it four and a half outta five ankhs!


Unavowed! is out now on Steam and through the websiteWadjeteye for $14.99. Buy it soon and save 10%. Grab this soon guys!

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