Cousin Jessi sorts out some Unforeseen Incidents

Cousin Jessi sorts out some Unforeseen Incidents

There is a terrible disease plaguing Yelltown! People are dying almost as soon as they get the strange disease but luckily the government hired a medical group who is treating and preventing the disease….or are they? Can you help figure out who’s really behind the outbreak in Yelltown and is it connected to the strange cult?

Backwoods Entertainment and Application Systems Heidelberg Unforeseen Incidents is a point and click adventure game that takes place in a rural city that has seen some hardships due to the outbreak of what is called “Yelltown disease.” You play as Harper Pendrell, a local handyman who gets shoved into the whole affair when he sees a woman on the street who is dying of the disease. She tells him that they can’t trust the government and that forces Harper to investigate for himself.
As with any P&C adventure, you have to find items, figure out how to use them, and solve puzzles. The puzzle are very logical for the most part and almost all the puzzles take adventage of the fact that Harper is a handyman and has a neat multitool. He’s also good with radios which comes into play often.

Unforeseen Incidents starts off rather slow. You need to find this that and the other thing so that you can DO this that and the other thing and none of that really seemed to follow the plot. Once that was done and the “plot” started up the game got a lot more interesting so give it time.

I love the mystery element of Unforeseen Incidents! Who is behind this? Who can you trust? Is the disease even a real thing? There are also multiple ways to accomplish tasks as well. It all leads to the same ending but how you get there can change. There were a few mini puzzles thrown into the mix as well that were pretty straightforward – a couple that were downright hard as well. The one thing that confused me was that after a chapter ended you were thrown into this mini puzzle with no explanation. I almost thought it was a glitch. You find out later what is going on, and it made sense, but I was still confused never-the-less.

The voice acting was pretty good and I felt the characters were pretty fleshed out (although all the women in the game seemed to have a ‘tude.) I would have liked the story to flow a bit better, I felt in come chapters there was a bit too much “before we can move on we need to do this menial task.” The tasks weren’t hard or anything, some were actually entertaining, but just took the player away from the plot.

Unforeseen Incidents was a nice length as well! Just long enough to keep your interest and not make you say “oh man when is this gonna end??” Like I mentioned, it starts out slow but then pics up later. The scenery changes a lot as well so you are not traveling to the same 5 places the whole game.

Overall I definitely enjoyed Unforeseen Incidents. It had lots of locations to visit, nice voice acting, and logical puzzles. The plot was a very interesting and engaging mystery, but coulda flowed a bit more smoothly, I give it 4 outta 5 anhks!

If you are a fan of point and click and mystery adventure games then check this one out! It’s available on Steam for only $19.99. Good luck out there!

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