Recap: Fan Fest Chicago 2018

Recap: Fan Fest Chicago 2018

The weekend of April 6 -8 was soooo busy with soooo many events going on…even us vampires couldn’t appear in more than one place at the same time. That’s why we are glad to have awesome people to work for Count Gregula’s Crypt when Da Count and I cannot be there!  Our roving reporter KG the Voodoo Queen appeared at Walker Stalker/ Heroes & Villains Con aka Fan Fest Chicago 2018 representing Team Gregula.

The mood was electric upon entering the convention site, everyone was dressed in their “Fan Best”, as evidenced by the zombie/superhero horde that amassed at the check in line. I brought my good friend, and nerd extraordinaire, DJ CLIFF with me to assist in picture taking, and to help me scout out the best cosplays and fan experiences to write about.


We began the day by saying we should play a drinking game, spotting “Lucille Bats”, but within minutes decided against it…there were simply more of them than our livers could’ve handled!

The layout of the space was MASSIVE, with booths in every direction, selling everything (and then some) with The Walking Dead and Riverdale themed items being in the forefront of the
merch madness. Need a drinking Chalice with Darryl on it? You got it!… “Period Panties” with Zombies? They sold ‘em…I even saw a homemade stuffed “plushie” of the Sprouse Twin from Riverdale, and all I could think of was the Adam Sandler film “Big Daddy”, and how crazy it was that he’s now a young adult…and this Voodoo Queen just aged herself! MOVING ON!

Speaking of showing my age, NICK CARTER of The Backstreet Boys was in attendance, and 12 year old me was absolutely in AWE of him being within feet of me! I couldn’t help but giggle
and do a happy Voodoo dance when he smiled at the crowd during his panel…Legends, Zombies, and Boy Band crushes are the few things that never die.


The actor I was MOST excited to meet was Kirk Acevedo (aka: Agent Charlie Parker from Fringe, among other things!) He was absolutely EXCELLENT to talk to, and a total gem to his fans, in spite of being awake for almost 32 hours, flying and etc. This having been only his 3rd
convention appearance EVER, he took it all in stride, and was delightful enough to take a selfie holding up my phone with a picture of “Mr. Voodoo”, who is also a complete Fringe geek, and who was DELIGHTED with this upon my arrival home.


DJ Cliff was able to score some excellent merch, and some limited edition offerings, including a FUNKO Tardis he’d been looking for, and we both snagged some cool t-shirts, but my favorite purchase? A button for my jacket to commemorate my first assignment as a part of Team Gregula here at Fan-Fest/Walker Stalker, and the ONLY line in The Walking Dead I’ve ever quoted… “I TOLD YOU TO STAY IN THE HOUSE CARL.”

One thing’s for sure, DON’T stay in the house next year when #FFChicago comes to town!

Forever your Voodoo Queen,

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