Cousin Jessi gets (figuratively) thrown into Lone Artisan's Elium - Prison Escape

Cousin Jessi gets (figuratively) thrown into Lone Artisan's Elium - Prison Escape

Prison life is rough, it’s time to get out! Can you make it out alive and unscathed? Let the dark be your friend and your weapon your BFF in Lone Artisan Elium – Prison Escape!


Elium – Prison Escape is, basically as the name suggests, a rougelike adventure game where the main goal is to escape from prison to your freedom. You play as a prisoner of war who has been given an opportunity to escape and is grabbing it by the horns. There isn’t much in the way of storyline, you get a little cutscene in the beginning of the game that explains you are a POW and a few things here and there as the game progresses but overall it is all gameplay. The graphics and gameplay reminded me a lot of the Elder Scroll games, especially the fact that you could only carry so much before becoming over encumbered.


To escape the prison, you will need your wits and your brawn. Since you are a trained swordsman fighting comes easy to you so weapons might be your best strategy. You can find lots of different weapons such as swords and axes, laying around or take them off of dead guards as well as armor. Weapons and armor eventually get damaged so you will need to replace them often. You can carry lots of things on you but if you have too much you will become over-encumbered and not be able to move well which adds a nice realistic element.


The big issue I have with sword-fighting is that it is difficult! It is not just “hit the mouse button and attack”, instead it is based off a combination of mouse swinging (or joystick depending on the controller you use) and button pressing. You also have to move around and keep up with the enemy, there is no autolock. In other words, it all comes down to the skill of the player rather than the character. I found it very difficult to attack in this way because too many elements were involved. The ability to lock on to the enemy would’ve made my life MUCH easier, or perhaps a difficulty level would help too for those who enjoy the challenge and those like me or like to relax a bit more.

Sneaking around is more my cup of tea so that’s the path I tried to take when possible. There are a lot of darks corners in Elium – Prison Escape! that can be used as a place to hide and sneak around guards. There are also objects laying on the ground that can be thrown to distract guards. You may also be lucky enough to find snuff to put out torches which makes it much easier to sneak around. It is possible to sneak around all the guards, but sometimes it’s very hard to do so without him finding you, so you may end up fighting anyway unless you practice sneaking around a bit. You may also find lockpicks laying around that can be used to free fellow prisoners who will fight with you so that helps a bit as well.


Elium – Prison Escape! is also different every time you play it as the dungeons change slightly with each new game, making it very replayable.
So after all was said and done, I found Elium – Prison Escape! to be unique in the freedom you have to decide how to go about escaping a guard – will you attack or will you sneak around him – and also the many items different weapons and armor in the game. I even liked how the dungeons change with each new game and that you can get the aid of other prisoners. But overall, Elium – Prison Escape! was just too difficult. I had a lot of trouble with the sword fighting and thought it was a bit hard to sneak around some of the guards that one should have been able to sneak past. Elium – Prison Escape! is clearly for those who like a challenge and perhaps even those who like their fighting more realistic. Not me though, I’m giving it 3 ½ outta 5 Ankhs.

ankhs 3 half

If you don’t mind the challenge and love a good dungeon escape action game, or if you are a fan of the <i>Elder Scroll</i> games then check out Elium – Prison Escape! You can buy it for $13.99 on Steam. Hope you don’t get caught!!

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