Cousin Jessi avoids the shadows in Graphium Studio ‘s hidden item game Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came

Cousin Jessi avoids the shadows in Graphium Studio ‘s hidden item game Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came

Detective work is never dull, especially when you are sent to investigate strange doings in a local town that turns out to be overrun by evil shadows set out to kill a girl who might actually be an elven princess!

Graphium Studio‘s Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came is a hidden item adventure game for the PC that mixes fantasy and real life. You play a police detective who was asked to come out a remote town to investigate the craziness. As with all hidden item games, you will be solving puzzles, talking to the few remaining townspeople, and of course solving hidden item puzzles.


Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came includes three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. Easy and medium modes include hints and highlighted active points which makes it easier to find items and interactable spots you may have missed in a scene. Those modes also let you skip mini puzzles that you may be having trouble with (or just don’t feel like solving because you are lazy and probably shouldn’t be playing a game that involves solving puzzles!) The hard mode includes none of those and leaves you all on your own! Good Luck!
In each hidden item puzzles there is a certain item that you have to find by doing a complex and often times logically silly puzzle. For example you may need to find a pencil but in order to get to it you first have to move this box that is blocking it but to move the box you first have to find a sword to stick into it and so on. I made that one up but you get the idea. I liked that little obstacle because it makes the HI puzzles a bit more challenging and changes it up at the same time. Also, there are obstacles in the HI puzzle itself that you can’t overcome till later, such as a fridge that has a combination lock on it so you won’t be able to access those hidden items till you get the combo.


I love the crazy solutions there are to some of the puzzles as well. Ones like needing to fix a broken TV so you can watch a VHS tape that has on it the combination to a locked object. Or getting rid of an obstacle so that you can find an object that will allow you to break into a locked cabinet that just so happens to contain a full bowl of dog food…why that was locked up in the first place is anyone’s guess. Anyway though, it lets you think outside the box a little bit; why the heck do I need a toy helicopter and a hair brush? Yet, at the same time, this crazy logic can make it very difficult to solve a puzzle. Oh well.


The story of Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came was a bit silly if you ask me. The town is being overrun by evil shadows that came from another dimension and you must stop them by giving an amulet to a chick that forgot she was an Elf. However, you do go visit that other dimension later in the game so there’s that. It’s a pretty short game too, you can beat it in one sitting.

So Cousin Jessi’s loyal readers (or the ones that pay attention at least) know, I love me some hidden item adventure games and this one did not disappoint! I loved the variety of puzzles, the uniqueness of the puzzle solutions, and the cool complexity of the HI puzzles. I thought some of the puzzles were a bit illogical and storyline was a bit silly but still rather interesting and fun. I give it 4 1/2 outta 5 Ankh


You can’t beat the price either! Only $5.99 on Steam! If you are a fellow hidden item adventure game fan then definitely grab this one! Watch out for the shadows!

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