Team Gregula vs Hair Razor Haunted Scenes

Team Gregula vs Hair Razor Haunted Scenes

Gorillas breaking out of cages, moving walls, brides dead before they reach the altar, my goodness what a weekend! If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you must have went to St. Thecla’s Hair Razor Haunted Scenes haunted house! Typically church haunted houses get a bad rap, but Hair Razor was not your typical basement haunt! Right as you enter, a lovely tour guide welcomes you in and directs you away from the dead bride who is obviously going to miss her wedding. You then need to navigate through his cabin and avoid the deceased guests that aren’t too happy about sharing food with you. Once you get out of there, there is plenty more trouble awaiting you! There are spinning rooms, angry redneck zombies, shrinking hallways, oh and did I mention gorillas? Cuz there are gorillas, rather friendly ones too! Just ask cousin Countess!


Hair Razor definitely had a lot to offer. No two areas were the same and it definitely felt different from last year. One of my favorite parts was the optical illusion hallway, and the haunted hotel. You can check in (but never check out unfortunately) and there is even a zombie concierge that shows you to your room. It would be nice to see the hotel element brought out more, perhaps make it more of a theme, but it was still fun as it was.


There was no photo option this year. I remember going a couple of years ago and having a random picture taken of me as we walked through. It was fun to see my reaction and I would like to see that brought back. Just a suggestion, hint hint!


I loved that Hair Razor changed up their haunt so much. It’s always hard to attend haunted houses year after year because you start to feel like it’s predictable. However, Hair Razor didn’t give me that feeling and though there were a couple things that repeated, and I liked that those scenes repeated, there was plenty of new features that made it feel fresh and different. Because of this, and because I was thoroughly impressed with the length, layout, and awesome features and scenes, I give Hair Razor 5 outta 5 Ankhs!


You definitely have to visit this one this year folks. It’s great for haunters of all ages, and they even offer a “no scare” option for the real young haunters. For more info on Hair Razor Haunted Scenes at St. Thecla, along with info for their two sister haunts Catacombs and Scream Scene visit their website here Hair Razor Haunted Scenes. It’s $15 for regular and $18 for fast pass or you could by a special VIP pass to all three haunts for only $30! You still have time so go now! The concierge is waiting!


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