Abandoned Haunted House Complex AKA Team Gregula freezes to death in a giant corn field

Abandoned Haunted House Complex AKA Team Gregula freezes to death in a giant corn field

Haunted corn fields, narrow walkways, screaming ghouls, haunted barns oh my! If any of these things scare you, then I would avoid Abandoned Haunted House Complex in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin cuz it has all those things! Abandoned is actually three haunted houses in one! Ambush, Hysteria, and Stalker Haunted Cornfield. Ambush and Hysteria are yer typical haunted houses yet also separate entities! Ambush takes you first through a sinister jungle full of natives and creatures of the night that do not appreciate your presence in the least. Among the actors and scenery, there are also lots of animatronics and a giant snake that is controlled by a puppet. Later you encounter a giant puppet rat that gets a bit too close for comfort! That was possibly my favorite feature!

If you manage to escape the jungles of Ambush you are still not safe because next up is the even scarier Hysteria Not too many actors in here to bother you, but that doesn’t matter because instead you must deal TONS of narrow, low walkways that will send you flipping around in all directions. Just when you think you are out of one narrow incline, guess what? There is another waiting! This is not a great attraction if you are claustrophobic, or tall for that matter. I for one loved it! I always like when haunts try different things from the usual jump scares. The scariest part was that you just didn’t know when the walkway was going to widen and when you would really be able to breathe again. Plus, they would incline up and down and sometimes be in total darkness! By far my favorite part of Abandoned!

Stalker Haunted Cornfield was up next and actually is an optional outside haunt that you paid separately for. Many opted out of this attraction since it was outdoors and it happened to be very very cold that day. But we wouldn’t be Team Gregula if we didn’t try everything! So cold be damned we trudged through! Now I have to saw that Stalker was my least favorite of the three Abandoned haunts. First of all, it was not a corn maze at all but rather just a linear path through the corn fields that led to several different trailers filled with scary goodies. Yes there were actors in both the fields and trailers but honestly not too many. I was hoping to have more creatures jumping out at me from the fields. Also the corn fields were just that, dead corn. No other real decorations or designs other than the trailers so it felt a bit dull.

The other main issue I had with Stalker was that it was just much too long. There was no real way to gauge how long it was since it winded around so much and I remember saying to a very tired Countess several times “don’t worry, this has to be the last trailer!” Nope, not yet! You could say that the fact you couldn’t see an end in sight made it scarier, but for us it just sort of made us more exhausted. My advice is to either do this attraction FIRST so that you are not exhausted, or perhaps take a break and come back to Stalker a bit later. The many trailers were nicely designed and a nice break from the cold though!


One thing you could to pass the time during your break is to play Abandoned’s forth attraction Shoot a Freak! Honestly it was more like “shoot a scary and super sarcastic clown” but you get the idea. Shoot a Freak! is exactly what it sounds like: a carnival style paintball shooting game where you shoot 8 paintballs at a, well padded, clown who heckles you and laughs at your sad attempt to shoot him. If you hit him with all the shots you win…well…the satisfaction of saying you shot a clown with 8 paintball pellets. It’s really just a fun side game to play and a great way to get out some anxiety. In fact, the clown let Countess shoot him point blank in the face – helmet – with her gun. I think Countess enjoyed it a bit more than she should’ve!

So I wasn’t a fan of Stalker but loved the other haunts! Really, you could say that Abandoned Haunted House Complex has a little something for everyone! Everyone that likes haunted houses that is. I give it four outta 5 anhks!

It’s not too late guys! You can still go this weekend! Tickets are $25 for the first two haunts and $15 for Stalker or $30 for the whole shebang. For more info visit their website at Abandoned Haunted House Complex. Hope you survive to tell about it!

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