Top Tips for Haunted House Fun 2017 by Countess Gregula

Top Tips for Haunted House Fun 2017 by Countess Gregula

The temperature outside in Chicago may say Summer, but the calendar says Fall. Anyone that knows the Gregula Family should realize that Halloween and Haunted House season is fast approaching. This year is eerily exciting because the party is getting started earlier than before, with plenty of horrific haunts and pumpkin farms now opening up in September!

Team Gregula’s favorite sport is attending as many of our favorite haunted attractions in the Chicagoland area as we possibly can, so we are experts. But for the novice, the experience can actually suck, and not in a good vampire way. So as a gift from me, Countess Lily Gregula to you, haunted house patron here are my top tips for Haunted Housing!

1) First, you’re gonna actually need to find where all the good haunted houses and pumpkin farms are located. A good way to accomplish this is to check out local haunted house websites to find attractions near your area. They usually have patron reviews and directions to help you choose a good haunt. Haunted Illinois and Haunted House Chicago are a couple of great local sites to check out. My personal favorite just happens to be Count Gregula’s Crypt, teehee. If you don’t live in the Chicago area, then Google is definitely your friend.

2) Make sure you dress comfortably. There is no worse feeling in the world than to be overdressed in a casual setting. Da Count and I can get away with it cause we’re fancy all the time *wink*. But for you mortals, it really is a good idea to not wear anything dressy or clothing that is easily ruined. A lot of haunts have conditions that are damp and dusty, especially if any part of it is outdoors. Also an actor may accidentally rub against you and you might not want your favorite silk blouse or leather jacket covered in fake blood and boogers. Gym shoes, jeans and sweatshirts are perfect for most haunted attractions. Shorts and teeshirts are great for warmer days. Stay away from high heels or flip-flops if you value your feet!

3) I have said in the past not to bother with  getting VIP or fast-pass tickets because most haunts have outside wait entertainment and standing in line is usually half the fun. But for those of us who like to do multiple attractions in one night or don’t have the patience or stamina to stand in line for long hours (trust me, the closer you get to Halloween the longer you’re gonna wait) VIP entry is the way to go. Sometimes you will get immediate access which is awesome.

4) Pumpkin farms are the way to go if you have little ones or people who are easily scared. These attractions are usually family-friendly and are meant to put a smile on your face, not fear in your heart.

5) Last but not least, have fun and bring plenty of your friends because the more the merrier! Or is that scarier?

So these are my top tips for fun during the bestest time of the year. Keep it safe, keep it sane and have a Happy Halloween, kids!

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