Team Gregula vs The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2017

Team Gregula vs The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2017

It’s a step to the left, and then a jump to the right…put your hands on your hips, then bring your knees in tight….I think you know where I’m going with this kids….LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN…at Wizard World!


For those of you who are living under a rock and didn’t get my reference, I’m talking about the one and only Rocky Horror Picture Show. That crazy cult hit about Dr. Frankensteinesque creations, transvestities, scantly clad people, and of course Tim Curry! This year’s Wizard World Comic Con 2017 held a special VIP showing of the movie with special guest Barry Boswick who played Brad Majors in the original movie. Along with the movie, WWCC provided a live shadow cast – actors who silently act out the movie next to the screen as it is being shown – Midnight Madness to perform while the movie was playing.

As the fans were waiting in line to enter the showing, Midnight Madness cast members walked around a put a big “v” on all the Rocky virgins. Virgins are people who never saw Rocky performed live. If you were branded a “virgin” then you had to go up in front of the stage before the show and do whatever embarrassing thing (within reason of course) the director tells you to do. In this case the virgins had to make lewd noises that lead into a big climax! It’s all in good fun of course.


After the virgining (I made that word up!) Barry himself came out and talked a bit about how he can’t believe how long it has been since Rocky has been around and how proud he is that people still admire and perform the movie. He also, jokingly, condemned all the parents that decided to bring their under 18 year old children to see a movie that is basically soft core porn and warned them that they would “no longer be innocent.” Oh well!


After we were given the standard film viewing rules and we were finally able to see the movie! As I mentioned, throughout the movie Midnight Madness performed each seen as exactly as they could (considering they didn’t have elaborate scene space and probably not a huge prop budget since this is all unpaid performing.) The team did a great job mimicking the scenes to the point where you could watch either them or the movie and still understand what was going on.

All the actors mouthed the words and song lyrics perfectly as well. You could tell they were well rehearsed. I liked the variety of actors as well, women played men and men played women which makes sense in a movie about cross-dressers. The costumes were amazing and almost perfectly fit the movie ones. Even Riff-Raff and Magenta’s space costumes towards the end looked like they can right from the movie. It was very well performed and fun to watch!
Also, since this is an interactive experience, people brought in different props to throw about in the theater, which was also available to purchase in a bag from the cast for $3. At different points in the movie people would shout out clever retorts to make fun of the rather bad writing of the movie or the characters themselves. Objects such as cards and plates were also thrown around in context of the movie. This is typical so please be aware of this if you have never been to Rocky and expect a nice gentle viewing experience.


Oh and I almost forgot the best part! Cousin Jessi’s very own human brother and sister-in–law were part of the shadow cast as well! They played the married couple at the beginning and my brother Eric played the rival Dr. Scott. And who knew he had such nice legs!


So overall the Rocky Horror Picture Show. VIP experience was a very fun show and everyone involved seemed to have a great time. The movie was shown on two screens so it was easy to see with the shadow cast in the middle. My only complaint is that I was really hoping to see Barry Boswick perform with Midnight Madness but maybe he will in future performances. Barry was nice enough to get a cast picture with them. I also thought that WWCC could’ve planned it out a bit better and not made it so close to the costume contest because those who were waiting for the show had to actually leave the theater to get in line for the event, and ended up missing the results of the contest. Plus we had wait a long time to sit down. But overall, I give the whole experience 4 ½ outta 5 Ankhs.


If you missed the show don’t panic! Midnight Madness actually performs all the time at the Music Box theatre in Chicago. For more details check out their website Midnight Madness Go see a show! You might even see my brother and his wife perform! Until then, happy Time Warping!

fb_img_1504484046392**Cousin Gregula and Countess Lily did the Time Warp with Barry Bostwick himself!**

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