An Excellent Appearance by Alice Cooper in Millennium Park

An Excellent Appearance by Alice Cooper in Millennium Park
Image of young Alice Cooper on the screen at Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Photo by: Count Gregula

On September 5, legendary rocker Alice Cooper made a surprise Chicago appearance at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park. The Godfather of Shock Rock vas there to introduce a free 25th anniversary screening of Wayne’s World to an immense crowd of fans. This vas sadly the last summer movie in the parks for 2017, but such a memorably macabre vay to end the series vith special ghoul guest Alice Cooper.


Summer Film Series at Millennium Park. Photo by: Count Gregula

Before the special screening, Cooper conducted a press conference inside the massive Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Team Gregula vas lucky enough to be added to the list at the last minute to go backstage vith Alice Cooper! Ve are not vorthy!

All of us in the press party vere escorted into a private room of Pritzker Pavilion vhere a terrifying treat laid out on a table. The creamy confection vas a creatively creepy cake of Alice Cooper’s severed head by pastry artist Johanna Wyss of Battycakes. The red velvet cake vith cream cheese frosting vas quite the spooky spectacle. A menacing monsterpiece to photograph and primarily be presented to Cooper.


Alice Cooper severed head cake by Johanna Wyss of Battycakes. Photo by: Count Gregula

After the cake presentation, Cooper took questions from the various members of the press including yours cruelly. My question vas praised as a ghoul one. I asked Cooper to tell me his favorite movie monster. He responded by saying Barlow from Salem’s Lot because the character is pure evil. Eerily interesting!


Alice Cooper taking questions at the private press conference inside Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Photo by: Countess Gregula

Cooper then posed for final photos vith Johanna and her Alice Cooper severed head cake. Such a fiendishly fun vay to finish our personal time vith the raucous rocker. Party on, Alice!


Johanna Wyss tries to hold back Alice Cooper from stabbing his own head made of her cake. Photo by: Countess Gregula

Now the time finally arrived for Cooper to take the stage at the Pritzker Pavilion to introduce Wayne’s World. Marty Lennartz of WXRT Chicago vent up to the stage to start the crowd in a chant of “We Are Not Worthy” in perfect timing to the entrance of Alice Cooper himself!


Marty Lennartz of WXRT Chicago and Alice Cooper on stage at Pritzker Pavilion. Photo by: Countess Gregula

The shock rocker shared some fun background stories about his part in Wayne’s World. My favorite tidbit vas vhen Cooper said he just expected to perform the song in the film, but star Mike Meyers handed him eight pages of dialogue to memorize in barely twenty minutes for the now iconic cameo.


Marty Lennartz of WXRT Chicago and Alice Cooper. Photo by: Countess Gregula


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