Team Gregula's Ramen eating adventures at Anime Midwest 2017

Team Gregula's Ramen eating adventures at Anime Midwest 2017

Team Gregula embarked on YET another adventure filled with anime, cosplay, games, and free ramen! I am of course talking about Anime Midwest!
Anime Midwest is, as the name suggests, an anime convention filled with vendors, panels, and a special game room downstairs. The convention took place on July 7-8th 2017 in both the Stephens Center and the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont.

I spent most of my time perusing the many vendor tables. Vendors were selling everything from teeshirts to action figures, plus lots of handmade things as well. I simply COULD NOT leave the vendor room without buying an awesome backpack that makes it look like you have a dragon on your back…I mean who could? The vendor room seemed a bit bigger this year than the previous years and also extended over to the Stephens Center as well.


After spending every last cent I had, I went over to the game room at Anime Midwest. They have several different game rooms, some with consoles set up that you could play and even tournaments set up for Smash Bros and Mario Kart among others. They also had a board game room with tons of board games you could try out and even take back to your hotel room, as long as you left a photo ID. Me and the team played a few games including a game that involved trying to get out of getting married! I thought the board game room was very nice and liked the large variety. It also had a giant sized Settlers of Cataan and Chess set.

There was also an arcade game room that housed lots of arcade games and even some Pachinko that you could play for prizes. The arcade room I was not as impressed with this year. I feel that it gets smaller every year which means more having to wait in line to play. Most of the games were music and rhythm which are always in high demand, especially since a lot of them were Japanese imports, so I felt I did a lot more waiting in line then acutally playing. In the previous years they had a lot more retro arcade games that had several players which I felt was very lacking this year. They did have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Simpsons which is always a plus, but I would’ve liked more.


Of course, Anime Midwest did not fail in the free snacks department! As always there was plenty of free ramen, rice, and pop to go around. There was also oatmeal and nachos available! I have always admired Anime Midwest for this. Offering free snacks to the con goers is a great way for a convention to show they care about and value their guests and also a great way to get people to keep coming back! So thank you Anime Midwest for offering this service!


So aside from the shrinking arcade room, I felt that Anime Midwest did a great job this year in expanding their vender rooms and offering a lot of great free entertainment and snacks for their guests. There were lots of entertaining panels as well for fans of Anime and guests legendary voice over actor Billy West (Ren and Stimpy and Futrurama anyone??) and even comedian Yakov Smirnoff! Overall I give the con 4 ½ outta 5 Ankhs!


Excited about next years convention? I know I am! For more info about Anime Midwest check out the website here for dates and events. Happy conning all!

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