Cousin Jessi magics it up in Steve Jackson's Sorcery Part 4

Cousin Jessi magics it up in Steve Jackson's Sorcery Part 4

It’s hard to be a hero, especially when you are one who is cursed with being resurrected every time you are killed and having a strange entity controlling you that knows everything you have done before you died…hmmmm….


Inkle and Peter Jackson’s Sorcery Part 4 is the last part of the series and picks up right where the last one left off, with the hero getting closer and closer to the Fortress of Sorcerers and closer and closer to recovering the Crown of Kings for his/her kingdom. You don’t need to have played the first three parts to enjoy this title, in fact I hadn’t when I started playing this, but it definitely helps clear up some plot elements.

Sorcery Part 4 is played sort of like a text-based tabletop RPG. Basically the story is told to you through text and you are given lots of options on how to proceed. There is also a little “game board” that shows you where you can go and shows your character moving around as well. The character also changes appearance depending on what you are wearing etc.

As you play you will encounter many enemies that you have to fight on way or try to figure out a way to avoid the battle. Since you are a sorcerer, you have access to lots of spells that you can sometimes use to bypass fighting an enemy, which is sometimes a wise choice since you are fighting by yourself. However, magic sometimes uses up Stamina and if all your Stamina is depleted you are dead.


Sorcery Part 4 gives you a plethora of choices and options, you can play this game several times and have a completely unique gaming experience each time! Also, if you make a choice you are not happy with, you have a “rewind” option that lets you go back as far as you want to fix the choice with no repercussions (this is in lieu of saving which you can’t do in this game.) You can buy items and find costumes to put on that will trick others, allowing you to avoid some difficult battles. There is also a “spirit” that is always with you that can help you sometimes but apparently spirits can also be jerks and not want to help so use him sparingly. Also, I highly recommend making friends with all the creatures you meet because they MIGHT be able to help you as well.

The one downside is once you make it to the main town of Mampang, you can no longer “rewind” so you have to be more careful of your choices at this point. I will say though that Sorcery Part 4 gets verrrry interesting when you get to this point in the game though. The game even breaks the fourth wall a bit here once you start to figure out what is really going on with the evil Sorcerers in the game.


I think the best part of Sorcery Part 4 is how open-ended it is. It’s fun to experiment with different types of magic to see what they do and in Part 4 you learn that certain spells can actually counter other spells. This may seem obvious to the typical adventure gamer, but it is a big deal to the “character” in the game. And it’s kind of interesting that the game “remembers” your choices and will sometimes remind you of that. The design of the game is also very nicely crafted. Each “map view” is detailed just enough for you to get an idea where you are, but the real vivid descriptions come from the text – since the gameplay is completely text based.


The only real criticism I have to Sorcery Part 4 is that the game can get very difficult at times, especially when you lose the “rewind” ability. At times some scenarios seem impossible no matter what direction you take. However this IS another sort of “rewind” option that becomes available once you reach a certain part of Mampang, but again…that would be spoilers. 😉


There is not really too much else I can say about Sorcery Part 4 without spoiling parts of the game, but I will say that Sorcery Part 4 is like no other text-based/tabletop adventure game you have ever played! I give it 4 ½ out of 5 Ankhs!


If you want to play this game yourself, and you do! You can purchase it from Steam for only $10! You can also buy all four parts for the discounted price of $23.97! So go grab it!

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