Cousin Jessi Reviews the SPOOKY Fear City Haunted House!

Cousin Jessi Reviews the SPOOKY Fear City Haunted House!

Hello again friends!  It’s your cousin Jessi again with a SPOOKY Haunted House review! Last week me and my cousins Count Gregula and Countess went to Fear City Haunted House in Morton Grove IL. The haunt includes two haunted houses and lots of scary treats!

The first part of the haunt took us through a haunted church, were we had to pray for our souls before entering (and listen to the rules of the house). We then cautiously entered a haunted el train that took us right into the heart of the haunt. A crazy older couple argued with each other and gave us good advice on how to “get rid” of unwanted spouses, while the children entertained us in various ways. We then entered several mazes that were either too dark to see or very hard to navigate, or both! I would say cousin Jessi’s favorite was the white mazes surrounded by flashing strobe lights! You couldn’t even see your own hand in front of your face!!

They also force you to eat rats!! Just kidding, I was just hungry….


The next haunt was through the “Our Lady of the Cursed” haunted school for girls. This haunt wasn’t nearly as long as the first and took you through a abandoned private school that is still haunted by the girls who used to go there. Apparently they didn’t appreciate the way the Sisters treated them while they were there and are now getting their revenge. I won’t spoil any of the effects but just wait till you get to the cathedral!

The “Our Lady” haunt was creepy and full of spooky elements, but it was much too short. I would have liked to see more of what went on at that school to make those ghosts so upset. The first part of Fear City was also very scary, especially the mazes that were hard to navigate.  My only complaint is I felt there could have been a few more actors jumping out at you. My favorite part of haunted houses is never knowing when a ghost or ghoul will jump out at you, and I was a little disappointed at the amount used in the house. Also they got rid of the fat guy in the lounge chair! They had the chair but no terrifying fat guy! How can you have a scary redneck family without the fat guy??

They also have a  ton of new features and haunts since last year’s house and the addition of the “Our Lady” haunt is a nice touch (even though it’s a bit short). I was shaking in my bandages out the whole time (I even had to cling onto Cousin Gregula at points!) This is definitely not a haunt you want to do if you have never been to a haunted house before!  Not for beginners or little kids!!!

I really enjoyed both houses and feel the actors and developers did a good job at creating a great house that really SPOOKED me out! It lacked in length a bit and could have used a few more actors but overall it was a real Terror delight! I give it 4 out of 5 Ankhs (for lack of fat guy, jk.)


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