Boeing's Starliner is Ready for Liftoff: How to Watch the OFT-2 Launch

Boeing's Starliner is Ready for Liftoff: How to Watch the OFT-2 Launch
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft onboard is seen on the launch pad at Space Launch Complex 41. Photo Credits: NASA/Joel Kowsky

NASA and Boeing are launching the Starliner spacecraft to the International Space Station on its second Orbital Flight Test (OFT-2) as part of the Commercial Crew Program (CCP). The mission is a test, so while the spacecraft is intended to launch crewed missions to the ISS this launch will be uncrewed. NASA is targeting Tuesday, August 3rd at 12:20 Chicago time for the launch of Starliner.

Coverage of the launch will begin at 11:30 pm Chicago time with prelaunch activities and mission information on NASATV or the official NASA LIVE on YouTube. Following the launch, a postlaunch news conference and rendezvous and docking procedures will also be live streamed.

As part of CCP this second launch of Starliner is intended to demonstrate “end to end performance” of both the launch vehicle carrying Starliner to orbit and the spacecraft itself. Starliner will launch atop a specially modified Atlas V rocket designed by ULA. Guidance systems, navigation and control, and operations from launch to landing will be tested and evaluated.

Once in orbit, Starliner will travel for an entire day before reaching the Space Station. Rendezvous coverage begins at 9:30 am Chicago time with docking to Station occurring at 12:37 pm CDT. This coverage can be viewed live at NASA TV, or the Official NASA LIVE Stream above.

While uncrewed, Starliner will be carrying over 400 pounds of cargo to Station, and once undocked will return with more than 500 pounds of cargo.

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