Apollo Quits Moon, Heads Home: Coverage of the Apollo 11 Mission by the Chicago Tribune

Apollo Quits Moon, Heads Home: Coverage of the Apollo 11 Mission by the Chicago Tribune
Front page of the Chicago Tribune on July 22nd, 1969. Photo: Sophie Sanchez/Cosmic Chicago

On target to Earth

Coverage, focus, and prayers turn to the safe return of Aldrin, Armstrong, and Collins to Earth. Details of the experiments carried out, the ascent from the Moon, and the journey ahead filled the pages of the Trib. Early reports regarding the success and performance of various instruments and experiments are also coming in from Mission Control.

The front page of the Chicago Tribune on July 22nd ran the headline, ON TARGET TO EARTH Apollo Quits Moon, Heads Home.

Mission News and Updates

Today’s coverage is one of the first times the Tribune has dedicated an entire article to Collins and his role in the mission. There are also several articles dedicated to some of the so far overlooked pieces of equipment and aspects of the mission. So much work and new tech development went into this mission so it’s incredible to learn about different aspects of the program that you don’t see covered anywhere else.

Chicago Reacts

More reactions from Chicagoans were shared in today’s paper, including an interesting story about a local connection to the Moon.

The World Reacts

The Tribune shared stories about reactions from around the world in today’s paper. The last image shares a couple funny stories related to the Apollo 11 mission, that are as fun to share as I’m sure they were to write.

Behind the Scenes in the Newsroom

The sheer number of reporters and resources described in this behind the scenes articles is astounding. The Chicago Tribune used to be a powerhouse, internationally recognized, and capable or putting out some incredible coverage- something that was definitely noticeable while sharing the coverage from this mission alone.

Apollo Themed Ads

Throughout the week there have been several interesting Apollo themed ads that ran. Especially significant are the ones recognizing the role of the many companies and brands that played a role in the Apollo program in some way.

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