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Chicago Weather: I'm Dreaming of a Wet New Year

The year 2013 dawned bright. Virtually cloudless in fact. A very pretty day, even with the temperatures topping out in the mid-20s. The skyline in clear relief, and the smokestack clouds over the south end of the lake making it obvious that New Year’s Day is no holiday at the Indiana steel mills. A nice... Read more »

Frankenstorm Sandy Meets Lake Michigan: The Movie

The past couple of days, I have been posting photos of the wild waves whipped up on Lake Michigan here in Chicago by Frankenstorm Sandy, located hundreds of miles away. And now, the movie. The video, about 3 and three-quarters minutes in length, is here: This video, made with the same Sony NEX-3 camera as... Read more »

Super-Storm Sandy Hits Chicago With Gale Force

There are times when Mother Nature nurtures. And there are times when she’s a bad mother. The gale that Frankenstorm Sandy produced over Lake Michigan has turned Chicago’s inland sea as stormy as it can be. The fact that the ginormous waves pictured below — and taken between Belmont Harbor and Diversey Harbor just a... Read more »

The Long Arm of Hurricane Sandy Roils Lake Michigan

It isn’t unusual for stormy weather to roil the waters of Lake Michigan, with big waves crashing against Chicago’s ridged seawalls and creating what I like to call natural fountains. But these events usually happen when the weather system is right on top of us. When I went out to photograph the lake this afternoon,... Read more »

Hurricane Sandy: Awaiting Nature's Terrible Beauty Again

One of the daunting aspects of Hurricane Sandy, as it approaches the eastern U.S. coast is its monstrous size: Forecasters say they have rarely witnessed a tropical system with such a potential reach. How far a reach? Significant repercussions from Hurricane Sandy are expected to be felt here in Chicago. Yes, Chicago. A lakeshore flood... Read more »

The Stark Beauty Of Chicago's Changeable Skies

If you’ve been acquainted with my Cooler on the Lake Shore blog for a while, you know that I’m a hopeless lifelong weather junkie. And the panaromic view from the lakeside apartment to which we moved last year provides perspective on Chicago’s ever-changeable weather that never could have imagined. To wit, this morning, the forecast... Read more »

How Explosive Can Lightning Be? Check This Out From Today's Chicago Storm

I initially was just going to add the lightning stills from downtown Chicago to my original post of the storm approaching from the west, but when I got a load of these, I decided they were worth their own separate post. Let me know if you agree. This final photo should give some idea how... Read more »

Chicago Electrified! Saturday Storm Produces Vivid Lightning And Heavy Rain

Those were some angry skies over Chicago late Saturday afternoon…. The following are photos of lightning on the western horizon as the storm approached. I also posted some pretty amazing stop-action shots of lightning blasts over downtown during the same storm… which really show the amazing power of lightning: How Explosive Can Lightning Be?

Chicago And Lake Lightning: Thor Was In A Bad Mood Tonight

Incredible lightning tonight, over the Chicago skyline and far over Lake Michigan. I’m going to step back and get out of the way of these photos…. [Note: The first three photos are of a second storm that moved through, and were added to the original post.]

Lightning Over Wrigley: The Atmosphere Was Electric

I am one of the least superstitious people you will ever meet. But I think I’ll avoid going to the ballpark on Friday the 13th ever again, thank you very much. Yes, it was that kind of day at Wrigley Field. We have been parched in Chicago all year long, so there didn’t seem any... Read more »