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Chicago Let Its July 4 Colors Burst

Fireworks over Chicago's Navy Pier, July 4, 2013
My life is mostly about words, words, words. But sometimes you need to step aside and let the photos speak for themselves. The photos in this July 4, 2013 gallery were taken from the Diversey Harbor outlook over Navy Pier — mostly fireworks, with a couple of bonus shots of Chicago’s beautiful downtown skyline at... Read more »

Just A Few More Fireworks Pix To Start The Weekend

Sorry that the story flow has been down a bit this week… just bouncing off a few more walls than usual. Like nature, I hate a vacuum, so here’s a bit of filler from one of my favorite memes… photos of Wednesday’s Navy Pier fireworks, taken from my perch about four miles north on the... Read more »

Navy Pier Fireworks: Happy 7th of July

I grasp the limitation of shooting a fireworks display four miles away through fairly thick window glass. I promise that one of these Wednesdays or Saturdays I will get off my duff and take my camera and tripod down to a strategic spot along the lake and see what happens. In the meantime, I think... Read more »

Chicago Summer In The City: Navy Pier Fireworks, Exposed

We had a fair amount of natural pyrotechnics in the south end of the Chicago area, from some lightning storms passing through. But that didn’t stop the Saturday night fireworks at Navy Pier from going forward. I went for a slightly different effect in tonight’s photos, going with a slower exposure time. Didn’t work on... Read more »

Chicago Summer In The City: The Kickoff

[Note to Readers: As a new member of the Chicago Now community, I am pulling over some of the “greatest hits” from the archives of the original Cooler on the Lake Shore site. The following is a piece I posted on Memorial Day weekend, the kickoff to what my wife and I are calling the... Read more »

Navy Pier Fireworks: Come On, Let Your Colors Burst

One of the great pleasures of our Lake Shore View is that we look directly at Navy Pier — which means we get to watch fireworks twice a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Here are a few photos of tonight’s (Saturday’s) display. Shooting through pretty thick window glass can be challenging, but …