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Frankenstorm Sandy Meets Lake Michigan: The Movie

The past couple of days, I have been posting photos of the wild waves whipped up on Lake Michigan here in Chicago by Frankenstorm Sandy, located hundreds of miles away. And now, the movie. The video, about 3 and three-quarters minutes in length, is here: This video, made with the same Sony NEX-3 camera as... Read more »

Super-Storm Sandy Hits Chicago With Gale Force

There are times when Mother Nature nurtures. And there are times when she’s a bad mother. The gale that Frankenstorm Sandy produced over Lake Michigan has turned Chicago’s inland sea as stormy as it can be. The fact that the ginormous waves pictured below — and taken between Belmont Harbor and Diversey Harbor just a... Read more »

The Long Arm of Hurricane Sandy Roils Lake Michigan

It isn’t unusual for stormy weather to roil the waters of Lake Michigan, with big waves crashing against Chicago’s ridged seawalls and creating what I like to call natural fountains. But these events usually happen when the weather system is right on top of us. When I went out to photograph the lake this afternoon,... Read more »

Hurricane Sandy: Awaiting Nature's Terrible Beauty Again

One of the daunting aspects of Hurricane Sandy, as it approaches the eastern U.S. coast is its monstrous size: Forecasters say they have rarely witnessed a tropical system with such a potential reach. How far a reach? Significant repercussions from Hurricane Sandy are expected to be felt here in Chicago. Yes, Chicago. A lakeshore flood... Read more »

The Lake Shore View: Lake Michigan's Natural 'Fountains' - Plus Ducklings!

First, I want to give a shout-out to all the folks who have been showing the love for the photos I’ve been posting on this blog. I love taking pictures, and we are blessed both with an astounding view from our apartment and, with Lake Michigan just yards away, some of the most beautiful scenery... Read more »