Digging For Diamonds in the Cubs' Rough Start

Digging For Diamonds in the Cubs' Rough Start
There is nothing like a beautiful, balmy day in early May, with the contending Chicago Cubs playing the archrival St. Louis Cardinals in a key early-season matchup at Wrigley. O.K., let’s be honest, Friday afternoon’s game between the Cubs and Cards truly was nothing like that. It was played under steel-grey skies on a raw,... Read more »

Chicago's Aerial Beauty: Seeing the City as the Birds Do

Downtown Chicago, seen from an airplane heading east from takeoff at Midway Airport, July 25, 2013.
Among all of Chicago’s many assets, its physical beauty is an overly well-kept secret to those who are not very familiar with this city. For someone who was a frequent visitor to Chicago before moving here to become a full-time resident in 2011, one of the first things that struck me was the genius of... Read more »

Chicago Let Its July 4 Colors Burst

Fireworks over Chicago's Navy Pier, July 4, 2013
My life is mostly about words, words, words. But sometimes you need to step aside and let the photos speak for themselves. The photos in this July 4, 2013 gallery were taken from the Diversey Harbor outlook over Navy Pier — mostly fireworks, with a couple of bonus shots of Chicago’s beautiful downtown skyline at... Read more »

Supermoon II: Steel yourself for photos, Chicago

The full moon, near its closest point to Earth this year, put on another splendid show as it rose over Lake Michigan at Chicago on June 24, 2013.
Tonight, June 24, 2013, was the second night of the “supermoon” — so described because it is a full moon at the moment when the moon is at its closest point to Earth this year. And as the photos in the attached gallery should underscore, sometimes the sequel is as good as the original. The... Read more »

Super Moon Over Chicago Keep on Shining

"Supermoon" rising over Lake Michigan at Chicago on June 22, 2013.
The much-touted “supermoon” — the night the moon was closer to Earth than any other in 2013 — was greeted by skies over Chicago that had cleared after a mostly hazy second day of summer. While the supposedly larger appearance of the moon seemed a little elusive to the naked eye, there was no missing... Read more »

Double Rainbow Over Chicago

The ever-changeable skies over Chicago provide the entire range of weather drama over the course of a year. Even so, a double rainbow, such as the one that magically appears over Lake Michigan and downtown on Tuesday evening (June 17) was a rare and extraordinarily beautiful event.

Crock-Pot Chili: Can A Bowl of Texas Red Be Full Of Beans?

It is hard to imagine that anyone who has owned a slow cooker for any length of time has not made some sort of chili in it. Most chili recipes call for a long, slow cooking time, so the protein and the vegetables and spices blend to maximum flavor. That makes it just about the... Read more »

Obama, the Blackhawks and The Cup: A Flashback

President Barack Obama greets the crowd at the March 11, 2011 ceremony celebrating the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup championship the previous season.
Today, Chicago’s own Barack Obama was ceremonially sworn in to serve a second term as president of the United States. Just a couple of days earlier, the Chicago Blackhawks’ hockey season — delayed from its scheduled October start by a contract dispute between National Hockey League owners and players — finally got under way. To... Read more »

Just Another Blogworthy Chicago Sunset

Chicago sunset Jan. 15, 2013 - Bob Benenson
Sometimes I just feel like getting out of the way and let the pictures speak for me. This one is for all of you who had a great day and want something to remember it by. And for all of you who want a pretty way to put the day behind you.

Chicago At Sunset: You Can Even Say It Glows

Not being someone who has had a surfeit of lucky breaks, I tend to celebrate the ones that come along. When Barb and I were planning our move to Chicago in June 2011, we stumbled onto a 30th floor apartment in appropriately named Lakeview, a piece of good fortune that I get to acknowledge every... Read more »