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Pie Bakers? Bring it.

It’s the South Side Pie Challenge. Last fall I attended the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest and wrote about it here.  It was great, and wonderful, and delicious, but I was left with an unsettled, unsatisfied, if stuffed, feeling. That’s because I wanted a pie contest down in my neighborhood. And now it’s happening!    We have... Read more »

Striking teachers, Solidarity campers, and stone soup

Striking teachers, Solidarity campers, and stone soup
This is the story of a lunch.  A fishes-and-loaves feast, or maybe a big pot of stone soup. A glorious sunshine day, cool in the shade, breezy.  The kind of day we Chicagoans live here for.  A vast expanse of green, grassy patches punctuated with stands of trees, a hill, playground equipment, a fountain. Calm,... Read more »

Recipes for a bike trip or the coming armageddon

Dehydrating food works well even if you don’t have a dehydrator.  And once you master it, you can literally be prepared for anything. But it helps if you have a snappy little book like mine:  High Trail Cookery by Linda Frederick Yaffe. It’s a gem, an absolute gem.  And I’m here today to give you... Read more »