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A Twenty-Year Love Letter to My Beautiful Frenemy

A Twenty-Year Love Letter to My Beautiful Frenemy
It happens to everyone sooner or later, I guess.  Our relatives, our family, perhaps our very home comes to feel like a source of embarrassment.  Anyone who’s ever had teenagers, or been a teenager, will know this to be true. I myself have reached a point in my Chicago life, my many-year absence from my... Read more »

A Little Girl Named Donna and the Recipe for Memory

Today is big on the food front. Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but more important, it is Arizona’s 100th Birthday (we’ll tend to that soon enough). But there’s something more important still.  I and many ChicagoNow bloggers are taking the opportunity today to post about Donna and the foundation created in her memory, Donna’s... Read more »

Don't Touch My Junk

Steely-eyed, I held the gaze of the man at the check-in counter. It was our second meeting. “Yes,” I repeated, “I need to check this bag.” “You’re sure about that.” He was bored, but the moment might have punctuated a long irritating day at an airline check-in desk with a diverting few seconds. “You want... Read more »