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Urgency + Unknown = "COVID-19 Quarantine Fatigue"

I could preach to you, but you already know… we are all experiencing some sort of COVID-19 Quarantine Fatigue.  You have probably fallen victim to one if not all of the following symptoms: Irritability Increased sense of Stress Anxiety Eating More Eating Less Inability to Sleep The desire to only Sleep Unmotivated Reduction in Productivity... Read more »

New Challenges in Dementia Care: The Bi-Polarization of Relationships during the Age of COVID-19

It has been very difficult for many people to adjust to the swing from one extreme to another in terms of relationships in the face of COVID.  We are so used to living in the middle, straddling the concept of complete saturation and long-distance connections. We are used to employing the help that we need... Read more »

An Open Letter to My Autistic Son

  Jack, I can only imagine how difficult the school years have been for you. There have been countless days of you coming home embarrassed , ashamed, unsure and afraid. You have endured being made fun of, not fitting in, feeling like an outsider and dis-included from the group.  Your reservation in self advocacy has... Read more »

Food Economics: A 10 Year Old's Guide To The Lunch Table Trade

When I asked my son how he has been liking his new school, his first comment was “Just keep those mini muffins commin’, OK?” “I take it you like your lunch period,” I remarked.  He responded in a linty of food economic terms that had me floored. He went on to tell me of the... Read more »

Salami on Hard Rolls, The Best Meal Ever

As I am challenged to think of the best meal I ever had, I immediately reflect on a meal of confiscated hard rolls and salami in Rome during my honeymoon. Rome was a culture shock for me, to say the least. In my early 20’s and a mid-western girl at heart, the speeding vehicles, rushed... Read more »

Learning To Love In A Different Way

A year ago we rescued a terrier mix named Finn.  He is a vertical jumper, incredibly interested in the world around him and loves to play.  He is one of the best retriever I have ever known.  I recently read an article of the things dogs DO NOT LIKE. They tend to be things that... Read more »

This Is Just To Say...

This is just to say There will be no blog today. I stayed up late to watch the game and cheered on the Cubs to see them Rein.   After 108 years, a Billy Goat Curse, die hard fans felt It couldn’t get worse,   Watched in Amazement and Awe At a Triumph unfold extra... Read more »

"Breaking Bad" Communication

Yes, I admit it. Breaking Bad became one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I immediately fell in love with the characters, found myself rooting for the ultimate bad guy and was entranced by the quick paced story line. For all of you secretly pumping your fists in the air for Walt and Jessie, I join... Read more »

A Leap of Faith

One of the things I have worked the hardest at is also one of the scariest things I have ever done.  I took the leap, left the traditional workforce and started my own company. I had the wonderful opportunity to team up with a fellow colleague in the long term care industry and by happenstance,... Read more »

My Father, My Son And A Vacation Together

This past week my son with Asperger’s and my father, with a well known history of unpredictable mood swings, went on a vacation together. Like oil and water… It did not mix. My other children and mother were along as buffers, but it made little difference. My son processes emotional expressions much differently than the... Read more »