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One Man's Burden Is Another Man's Opportunity

Mark visited his mom every other day religiously. Living close to the memory care facility that she resided, it was easy for him to stop by after work, during a lunch break or for brunch on the weekends. Marks father had passed away 6 months ago, and since then Marks mom had not spoken much.... Read more »

Dear Mr. Marks...

Dear Mr. Marks, Yeah, Yeah, I know. You want me to call you “Joe” or “Sarge” but I still have the hardest time bringing myself to that.  To  me you will always be Mr. Marks, always such a gentleman.  We met several years ago when you and your wife lived in an apartment above mine.... Read more »

Using Empathy To Become A Trusted Caregiver

Janice loved her job as the lead Physical Therapist at Joy’s Rehab Facility.  She had worked there for several years now and always enjoyed the role of training new staff. One morning she asked her team to meet before the therapy room filled with patients.  “I am struggling with Mr. Eugene,” she started, “and I... Read more »

Finding The Humanity In How We Care

I read a post on Facebook the other night from a man who discussed how lonely he felt in his mind, body and soul since his diagnosis of dementia.  He talked of how people keep their distance and “are afraid to get their hands dirty” in hopes that they are making a difference in HIS... Read more »

Who Does The Winding Staircase Benefit?

My friend  just booked a respite stay for her mom.  She is a mother of two young boys and full time caregiver to her aging mom.  Recently my friend renovated her home to accommodate her mom who was downsizing out of her own apartment.  She redesigned their den into a 1st floor bedroom with an... Read more »

The Unpleasant Euphemism

Sharing a hotel room this weekend, my friend Tami and I in separate beds, we laughed and giggled like 12 year olds at a sleep over.  After a long day presenting at a conference, it was fun to finally have our feet up, let the glass (or two) of wine wash over our senses and... Read more »

We Always Hurt The Ones We Love

It’s been said that we always hurt the ones we love… and yet we behave so much better around strangers.  You know this is true if you have ever had a teacher rave about your child’s gleaming behavior at school; their willingness to share; their kindness to fellow students… and you’ve thought to yourself: “ARE... Read more »

A Private Life On Public Display

  As I have been spending the past weeks packing, cleaning, and preparing to stage our home for listing images, I have endured some serious stress.  Not only is by back aching, feet throbbing and hands cracked and dry from the boxes, but I have been put through the mental wringer as well. My children... Read more »

Finding The Gifts Inside Pandora's Box

I fondly recall the days when I would take a peek under the Christmas tree and find a gift box wrapped in decorative paper addressed to me. I anticipated the cold frosty morning when my brother, sister and I would gather at the bottom boughs, eyes all ablaze at the sight of beautiful wrappings, ribbons curled... Read more »

When The Predictability Of Who We Knew Is Gone

  Getting into my car the other morning, I realized how important predictability was to me.  Everything had gone as planned… my alarm went off as usual, the kids were predicable crabby teens as they got themselves out the door and to the bus stop before the sun rose! Even the dogs were predicable in... Read more »