Category: Intergenerational

There Is No Shame In Not Remembering

My husband sat with me the other day as we tried to create a budget for 2017.  He came upon some late fees I had incurred on my credit card because I had forgotten to pay the bill on time.  He knew not to shame me about the mis-step  as he is aware of my... Read more »

The Stretch Monster

When I was 8, I received my favorite Christmas Gift.  It was green, gelatinous and in the form of a super hero. Shaped like the Incredible Hulk (my favorite show at the time), I referred to it as the stretch monster.  I loved pulling on the legs, tugging on the arms and pushing the toy... Read more »

Creating A Legacy That Lives On Beyond Their Time

In this month when many of us ponder with whom and where we will celebrate the holidays, I challenge everyone to look upon this end of the year as an opportunity to gather a story from a loved one and help create a legacy that lives on beyond their time Just last week we hosted... Read more »

The Problematic Reliance on Labels and Categories

My son, Jack, is a highly articulate teenager who suffers from Asperger’s.  In his infinite wisdom, he has said “When you meet a kid with Autism, you have only met one kid.”  How true he is in his assessment that we are all individuals despite categories we are placed in by our culture, our society... Read more »

Listen Hard And You Will Hear The Stories That Create Life, Love and Living

In this life we have all collected our fair share of stories. True stories that are stranger than fiction, scary stories that take your breath away, love stories that break your heart, and stories that define who we have become. When you find a person interested in your stories, you have found a true friend.... Read more »

Finding The Gifts Inside Pandora's Box

I fondly recall the days when I would take a peek under the Christmas tree and find a gift box wrapped in decorative paper addressed to me. I anticipated the cold frosty morning when my brother, sister and I would gather at the bottom boughs, eyes all ablaze at the sight of beautiful wrappings, ribbons curled... Read more »

When The Predictability Of Who We Knew Is Gone

  Getting into my car the other morning, I realized how important predictability was to me.  Everything had gone as planned… my alarm went off as usual, the kids were predicable crabby teens as they got themselves out the door and to the bus stop before the sun rose! Even the dogs were predicable in... Read more »

Doing All the Heavy Lifting: Resurrecting a Conversation From The Words "I'm Sorry"

  My neighbors mother just passed away. We chatted about it, in hushed tones, in the front yard as his children played a make-up game of Harry Potter.  The little ones were not yet made aware of her passing and he wanted to wait until the right time to tell them. My initial reaction was... Read more »

Creating Peak Moments Of Success By Finding the Gifts In Conversation

  Jenna was becoming less verbal.  Each day it seemed her ability to string words together to make coherent sentences was deteriorating. This became most apparent to her grandson, Grant, who visited every Saturday after football practice. He saw her become agitated when she couldn’t find the right words, noticed her wringing her hands in... Read more »

When Less Is More: Tips In Communicating with Persons With Dementia

At a recent support group an adult daughter asked, “Is there such a thing as too much information?”  She continued to express her concern about how much information she should share with her father when he asks “How did I get here?” There are two ways to approach this idea.  The first is based in... Read more »