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Dear Current Employeer: An Admission of Spring Break Defeat

Dear Current Employer, You may have found it strange that I encouraged you to extended you weekend plans as we parted last week.  I had known you were going out of town and I was secretly hoping for you to stay as long as possible.  Please don’t take this wrong, I meant no disrespect.  It’s... Read more »

Blindly Trusting To Gain Security

A few years back my husband and I took our three kids canoeing in southern Illinois. The wooden seats were damp with dew and the floor of each canoe held droplets of water from the previous boaters. The kids quickly acclimated to the fishy door as they leaned over to glance at the dark murky... Read more »

An Open Apology To Our New Neighbors

Let me begin by saying that moving during Christmas time is a bitch.  With that being said, I vow never to do it again.  EVER.  If there is ever a time that I need to repack my life into boxes and plastic totes only to lose at least 5 vital items such as pots, medications,... Read more »

Learning To Appreciate The Celebration

When I was a kid, opening gifts on Christmas morning was… well, how shall I say this… a RIP- FEST.  I don’t recall if we ever designated anyone to the roll of Santa, I just remember us kids diving under the tree, taking what was ours, and passing on the rest.  It was a flurry... Read more »