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Finding The Humanity In How We Care

I read a post on Facebook the other night from a man who discussed how lonely he felt in his mind, body and soul since his diagnosis of dementia.  He talked of how people keep their distance and “are afraid to get their hands dirty” in hopes that they are making a difference in HIS... Read more »

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: How to Connect in a Busy World

What reminds you to do something? Is it a calendar that you keep on your desk, a reminder app on your phone or the old fashioned string around your finger.  Regardless of your technique, the cues you set up for yourself are the key to recall. In the world of therapy, it is just as... Read more »

Engagement Means Connecting with Patients Beyond The Clinic

While watching The Freedom Writers with my teenagers the other night, we bonded over commonality.  Dialogue opened up about teachers that have inspired us, teachers that have annoyed us, systems that have failed and people that have prevailed.  It was a good cinema choice for a chilly winter evening. What became so clear in the... Read more »

Collaboration is the Key to a Mutually Beneficial, Long Term Relationship

  Kyle stopped at the local coffee shop on his way to work one snowy winter morning after running out of his flavored grounds. While taking an opportunity to treat himself he noticed a man wearing a familiar hat just ahead of him in line.  Tipping his head to see the side of the fedora,... Read more »

Why I Journey... Why I Rally... Why I March

I am not one to embark on long journeys, early on a Saturday morning… but this day was different. Pulled out of my comfort zone, my friend invited my daughter and I to join her at the Women’s March  in Chicago. Assuming my daughter would refuse, I planned to use that as my excuse not... Read more »

Who Does The Winding Staircase Benefit?

My friend  just booked a respite stay for her mom.  She is a mother of two young boys and full time caregiver to her aging mom.  Recently my friend renovated her home to accommodate her mom who was downsizing out of her own apartment.  She redesigned their den into a 1st floor bedroom with an... Read more »

The Long Road Home

When I stop and think about it, the cost to caregiving has set my family back over 16 years. Now, don’t get me wrong, the pleasure we have had over the days, months and years watching our child overcome challenges is nothing I can put a price tag on. However I would be misleading if... Read more »

The Unpleasant Euphemism

Sharing a hotel room this weekend, my friend Tami and I in separate beds, we laughed and giggled like 12 year olds at a sleep over.  After a long day presenting at a conference, it was fun to finally have our feet up, let the glass (or two) of wine wash over our senses and... Read more »

When Handeling A Ticking Time Bomb, Know Which Wire To Cut

When a bomb is being dismantled, it is very important to know which wire to cut.  Cutting the right one can provide relief, reassurance and comfort.  Cutting the wrong wire can only bring disaster.  With that being said, consider someone approaching you with what could be a very difficult conversation…  If you’re not careful, the... Read more »

Why The Numbers Never Add Up

I’d like to begin by giving a blanket apology to all those mathematicians, algebraic nerds and geometry wizards who love numbers and work in them each and everyday.  I value your stamina, appreciate your hard work and most of all honor your abilities. With that being said, I would like to admit that I have... Read more »