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Blindly Trusting To Gain Security

A few years back my husband and I took our three kids canoeing in southern Illinois. The wooden seats were damp with dew and the floor of each canoe held droplets of water from the previous boaters. The kids quickly acclimated to the fishy door as they leaned over to glance at the dark murky... Read more »

Learning To Appreciate The Celebration

When I was a kid, opening gifts on Christmas morning was… well, how shall I say this… a RIP- FEST.  I don’t recall if we ever designated anyone to the roll of Santa, I just remember us kids diving under the tree, taking what was ours, and passing on the rest.  It was a flurry... Read more »

The Long Road Home

When I stop and think about it, the cost to caregiving has set my family back over 16 years. Now, don’t get me wrong, the pleasure we have had over the days, months and years watching our child overcome challenges is nothing I can put a price tag on. However I would be misleading if... Read more »

The Many Paths To Decision Making

As we pulled into the driveway of our new home, with pride as a new homeowner my husband ran to the garage to retrieve the shovel. The fresh coat of heavy wet snow was going to be removed from our porch and walkway immediately. As he cleared a path, I unloaded boxes. Once inside I... Read more »

The Unpleasant Euphemism

Sharing a hotel room this weekend, my friend Tami and I in separate beds, we laughed and giggled like 12 year olds at a sleep over.  After a long day presenting at a conference, it was fun to finally have our feet up, let the glass (or two) of wine wash over our senses and... Read more »

When Handeling A Ticking Time Bomb, Know Which Wire To Cut

When a bomb is being dismantled, it is very important to know which wire to cut.  Cutting the right one can provide relief, reassurance and comfort.  Cutting the wrong wire can only bring disaster.  With that being said, consider someone approaching you with what could be a very difficult conversation…  If you’re not careful, the... Read more »

Why The Numbers Never Add Up

I’d like to begin by giving a blanket apology to all those mathematicians, algebraic nerds and geometry wizards who love numbers and work in them each and everyday.  I value your stamina, appreciate your hard work and most of all honor your abilities. With that being said, I would like to admit that I have... Read more »

We Always Hurt The Ones We Love

It’s been said that we always hurt the ones we love… and yet we behave so much better around strangers.  You know this is true if you have ever had a teacher rave about your child’s gleaming behavior at school; their willingness to share; their kindness to fellow students… and you’ve thought to yourself: “ARE... Read more »

"Wanna Get Away?"

Around this time each year, I reflect on a momentary lapse of judgment I had (still unable to determine if it was good or bad) as I was driving to a clients home for an appointment.  A few years ago I was driving on 294 N. toward a potential clients home.  In the mid-day traffic,... Read more »

A Private Life On Public Display

  As I have been spending the past weeks packing, cleaning, and preparing to stage our home for listing images, I have endured some serious stress.  Not only is by back aching, feet throbbing and hands cracked and dry from the boxes, but I have been put through the mental wringer as well. My children... Read more »