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Everything I Ever Needed to Learn About Empathy, I Learned from My Mother

Mothers Day is an opportunity to give thanks to the woman that gave us life, love and priceless lessons.  Today I recall a multitude of lessons my mother taught me which I used during an extended weekend some years ago. My Uncle Bill had suffered a major stroke that had landed him in the ICU.... Read more »

Are We There Yet? On the Road to Better Connection

Is it true that what we find most irritating in others is actually the same quality we recognize lacking in ourselves?  I reflect on this when I consider my interactions with a previous resident I will refer to as “Sally”.  Sally was in need of a lot of attention, reassurance and most of all, due... Read more »

A Summer at the Club: A Mother's Guide for Surviving the Season

To all the working parents out there, this is a shout out to you as we wind ever closer to summer.  Unlike the children in our lives who count down the days in anticipation, we begin to panic… what will those three months be like, with them home EVERYDAY, ALL DAY? I am a unique... Read more »

A 5K Run, Vulnerability and the Link to True Connection

Today was my first official 5-K race. I have been running casually as part of a new exercise routine for about a year and a half but never have I entered anything official before. Two years ago I never would have been able to compete, just coming home from an extensive surgery, I found myself... Read more »