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Day 142: Red Schoolhouse Wines

Well, it’s the long Memorial Day weekend and it’s travel baseball season. So you know what that means? Momma’s going nowhere. I doubt baseball concession stands count as small businesses (though they do support your local parks, so pick up a candy bar or cotton candy), so we’re going on a virtual vacation to the... Read more »

Day 101: The Cellar Bistro

Based on friends’ Facebook comments, it looks like everyone has had a hell of a week and is ready for a glass of wine.  What I could really go for is a good meal.  One that is prepared FOR me with the same level of consciousness to sustainability that I use.  Sounds like it’s time to... Read more »

Day 64: A Glass of Wine please!

Today calls for a drink!  Whether you were stuck in traffic, shoveling the endless snow, or braving the sled hill, it’s time for a glass of vino.  Scan your wine rack and you’ll probably find bottles from California or Europe.  But, what if I told you that you could find great wine made here in Illinois?... Read more »

Day 45: Hungry? How about a Hungarian market?!

I’ve driven past a particular “specialty market” about a million times, but I had never ventured inside the store.   So, in the spirit of my 365 day challenge, I knew I couldn’t just drive past again.  I was expecting fancy condiments, different bottles of beer, maybe even unique deli items.  I was not expecting... Read more »