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Shop Small Day 212: City Soles

I’ve said it a thousand times before. Shoe designers listen up! ┬áSomeone is missing a HUGE market. By the time my daughter reached 6th grade she wore the same size shoe as me; now in 7th, she’s a size bigger. Good luck finding quality women’s size shoes that are appropriate for twelve year old girls.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 182: Alpha Beta Karma

Crappy t-shirt shop, crappy t-shirt shop, fudge, crappy… wait…what’s this?! Yes, in the “water-park capital” of America, real stores do exist! While trolling the “downtown,” my heart skipped a beat and I almost did a little dance (which frighteningly wouldn’t have looked out of place) when I came across Alpha Beta Karma Guys, if you’ve... Read more »