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Shop Small Day 251: The Patio

I am incredibly grateful that my kids are good eaters. I always know, regardless if we’re at a restaurant, in someone’s home, or in a different country, that they will try anything. Believe me, I know how fortunate I am. At the same time, going out to eat with them is never cheap; there’s no... Read more »

Shop Small Day 201: Veggie Fest

Since it’s almost Wednesday, I figure it’s ok to start planning for the weekend. My daughter & I discovered this (small) fest a few years ago and we had a great time. I’m hoping we can make it for the second day this year, but figured with enough notice you’d be able to make it... Read more »

Shop Small Day 168: Duck Soup

Based on my Facebook feed, it seems like there’s lots of college visits happening. If your collegiate is more patchouli & almond milk than pizza & beer, don’t worry, they won’t go hungry if they’re headed to Northern Illinois. Duck Soup provides all of their organic and natural health care needs. Duck Soup opened in... Read more »

Day 137: Blind Faith Cafe

Once word got out that I was heading to Evanston, several readers all mentioned the same place for me to try. I figured with that many unrelated people recommending the same place, I had to go! Fortunately, we made it to Evanston with a little time to spare before my daughter’s lacrosse game, and we... Read more »

Day 118: Two Mothers Foods

Ok, my friends.  It’s been a long day;  you’re hungry, your family is hungry, and everyone wishes dinner were on the table 20 minutes ago. Choices seem pretty limited: fast-food, pizza, basically junk…and usually a chain. Now, throw food sensitivities, gluten-free, or vegan necessities into the mix and good luck. Well, until now, it’s mom... Read more »