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I was THAT mom... not proud, but not sorry

I know they’re only kids. I know it’s only a game. I also understand that hockey is a physical sport. But watching a kid get elbowed in the head and lifted off her skates while the ref ignores the blatant illegal hit… well that shit doesn’t fly. I am a Hockey mom. Both my son... Read more »

A nutritionist's guide: 4 tips for healthy eating

In an ideal world we’d grow our own vegetables…pick fresh fruit off our trees & bushes…gather eggs from our pet hens…and milk our own cows and goats. Yeah, that’s not my world today. Though it’s nice picking fresh basil and peppers from our small backyard garden, it’s certainly not going to sustain me…or my constantly... Read more »

Healthier junk food: a sports nutritionist's 4 favorite chips

Junk food is never going to be categorized as “healthy.” But, really, as much as I like crisp kale chips (not kidding, roast them with olive oil & Mexican spices), they aren’t quite the same as Cheetos. Are Cheetos doing my body any favors, no, but they aren’t “bad.” Terrorists are bad. Pedophiles are bad.... Read more »