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Shop Small Day 215: Re-Joyce

If your idea of a perfect weekend involves antiquing, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to drive three hours for a great shop. In fact, for the past two years there’s been a great store filled with treasures only twenty minutes from my house, I had no idea. It was another great find... Read more »

Shop Small Day 210: Danelli's

I cannot believe that I haven’t written about this place yet. I even searched back all the way to Day 1 to double check. Nope. Maybe because it’s one of my favorites I was leery of sharing! With its red checked tablecloths and incredible food, I must be talking about… Danelli’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 209: Weber's Bakery

I love hearing about small businesses when friends share their favorite shops with me. But I have to admit I felt like a “johnny come lately” yesterday when everyone had heard of this place but me. Not to mention it’s been around since 1930. Apparently, I live in a box. And, apparently I was the... Read more »

Shop Small Day 203: Versed Salon

With as happy as it makes me feel, you’d think I would get my hair cut more often. But, 2-3 times a year is usually all I make it. Since I was long past due, and a new place just opened in town, I figured I’d check out Versed Salon. It must have been fate,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 193: Bird on a Wire Studio

Ok, crafty friends this new place is for you! Actually, it seems more suited to your crafty kids. Need a rainy day activity? Looking for a unique party idea? Then drop in to Bird on a Wire Studio. For creative kids, Bird on a Wire Studio will become their home away from home! They offer... Read more »

Shop Small Day 185: MACS

I feel like I just discovered McDonalds right before Ray Kroc. Over the next few years I can definitely see this place popping up in college towns across the country. Because, really, by 2am who doesn’t want a bowl of cheesy mac & cheese with bacon?! Until then, though, you’re going to have to hit... Read more »

Shop Small Day 184: Tangerine

Maybe you’re heading to the Dells, or maybe further north into Wisconsin. Either way, you make it past Madison and realize “crap, I forgot my probiotics and holistic health care.” Think you’re S.O.L? Nope! Take a quick detour to historic Portage and stop by Tangerine. Only 20 miles from the Dells, Tangerine is a small... Read more »

Shop Small Day 183: Zinke's Village Market & Liquor

If you’re heading up to any of the Dells resorts, be forewarned, the food can get expensive.  And redundant.  Chicken tenders, hot dogs, and rarely a fruit to be found.   Although I usually hate having to cook on vacation,  this trip is the exception.  Since we were there for a baseball tournament, snacks, sandwiches,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 181: Aloha Hawaiian Shop

Who goes on a waterpark weekend trip hoping to find a swimsuit upon arrival? That would be me. Actually, I needed suits for myself and my son! My regular stand-by’s, Athleta and Target, were out of the question so we took a chance at Aloha Hawiian Shop. It paid off! Yes, it’s easier to shop... Read more »

Shop Small Day 180: The Bavarian Lodge

After a long weekend of burgers and watermelon, it’s time for something different. They’ve been in business since 1986 and I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t try them until about 5 years ago. I’ve certainly made up for lost time since then because when I want comfort food, we head to The Bavarian Lodge! Incredible... Read more »