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Day 123: Giesche Shoes

I think the only thing that has changed since I shoped at Giesche’s as a kid is the merry-go-round is gone. That was probably the last time I was there too- riding the merry-go-round and mom buying me stylin’ Hush Puppies shoes. It was slightly weird being there with my kids today; but we needed... Read more »

Shop Small Day 95: Me Tu Boutique

UPDATE (9-28-13) Me Tu is now under new ownership and a new name, Me Tu Boutique Bella. They are no longer affiliated with the Morris location. Same trendy concept, more affordable prices! Sometime during the span of having my kids, jeans went from a $40 off the Gap rack staple to a $198 investment. I’m... Read more »

Day 88: Naperville Running Company

It’s sort of ironic that I’m writing about a running company because I don’t run. Maybe I’ll run if I’m being chased…maybe. It’s definitely not my exercise of choice. But, I love the Naperville Running Company for 2 reasons. 1- They are a great spot to buy gifts for runners, especially if they’re already a... Read more »

Day 38: Fantastic Designer Brand Deals!

I swear, this is the last post on resale shops for awhile.  But I had so much fun today, that I couldn’t pass up telling you.  Looking for designer shoes, purses, clothes, and jewelry and huge discounts?   I found the mother of all resale stores for you! Champagne tastes on a beer budget?  You’re... Read more »