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Day 133: Foodstuffs

Apparently I didn’t come prepared for our afternoon in Evanston…I should have brought a cooler & dry ice. Without the cooler, we had to eat everything right then, which we managed no problem.  I wouldn’t necessarily call Foodstuffs a grocery store, it’s more the speciality fresh market I’ve been missing. Foodstuffs is your one stop... Read more »

Day 67: Who wants a sandwich?

I love sandwiches.  A grilled cheese may be the perfect breakfast.  Want to make an ordinary grilled cheese more decadent?  Add peanut butter. Seriously, try it, they melt together and it’s scary good. Shopping Small, though, it’s difficult when you’re running errands, hungry, and need food now!  Weekends are busy, but it doesn’t mean you have to... Read more »