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9 simple ways to make EVERY day Earth Day

Earth Day is sort of like high school English class: after twelve years of grammar lessons, we still don’t know when to use lay/lie or how to properly use a comma. The first recognized Earth Day occurred in 1970… 48 years later we’re still trying to understand how to best preserve our environment. It’s become... Read more »

Can I recycle this? An expert tells us on America Recycles Day

In recognition of #AmericaRecyclesDay, it seems fitting to discover what truly is and isn’t acceptable for your curbside recycling bin. For the past 20 years, America Recycles Day has brought awareness to the importance of recycling and choosing upcycled products…and an effort to Keep America Clean. It’s easy to overlook our contribution to waste, though,... Read more »

Tips for a greener lifestyle without changing your diet

I get it. Cheetos are tough to give up. Of course, real food is a major aspect of wellness, but maybe, at this point today, dietary changes aren’t your reality. That’s ok- we all start somewhere. A healthy lifestyle can take time, and nutritional changes don’t have to be the first step. There are plenty... Read more »