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Shop Small Day 227: Bring it Home "Again"

There’s something about perusing through a consignment shop that makes me feel like I’m about to find a treasure. While haphazard clothing stores make me crazy, I love the comfortable chaos searching through vintage furniture and home goods. I’d be a great “American Picker.” One of my readers must know my style well to send... Read more »

Shop Small Day 161: Updates-some new, some closed

Over the past 5 1/2 months I have found some amazing businesses. Unfortunately, as many of you know, having a fabulous small shop and staying in business against the huge chains is a different story. There’s been a few changes to some of the stores I’ve written about, so just wanted to give you some... Read more »

Day 103: Full Sunday

Tomorrow is supposed to be 73°! Yippee! So, get out of the house & go support some small business favorites. I know these stores aren’t all in close proximity of each other, but depending where the road takes you on a gorgeous Sunday, maybe you’ll hit one or two of these shops. Breakfast. There’s no... Read more »

Day 38: Fantastic Designer Brand Deals!

I swear, this is the last post on resale shops for awhile.  But I had so much fun today, that I couldn’t pass up telling you.  Looking for designer shoes, purses, clothes, and jewelry and huge discounts?   I found the mother of all resale stores for you! Champagne tastes on a beer budget?  You’re... Read more »

Day 37: Designer Jeans...dirt cheap!

I live in jeans. I wish it weren’t the case, and that I really did mix it up with nice pants or a skirt more often. But that rarely happens, especially in the winter. It all started with my first pair of Paper, Denim, and Cloth jeans. (fyi-that’s not me!) I’m sure somewhere along the... Read more »