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Shop Small Day 237: Two Shopaholics Boutique

Here’s tip for checking out new stores while you’re out with the husband and kids. Stop at The Popcorn Shop first. Then, they’re happy strolling through town with their penny candy and popcorn, and you can duck in and out of stores kid-free! That’s how I discovered Two Shopaholics Boutique. This boutique is really several... Read more »

Shop Small Day 225: En Vogue Boutique

Who’s ready for a little retail therapy?! There’s a new consignment shop in town. Remember a while ago when I introduced you to Posh Style: Fashion & Decor Boutique? Her sister just opened her own place…En Vogue! I think it may be dangerous that this one is so close to my house. En Vogue Boutique... Read more »

Shop Small Day 187: What's New

I get it, it’s hot out. I’m quite certain I’m the only one enjoying these 100° temps. So, if you prefer staying in the AC, you’re in luck. Remember yesterday when I said our town has two new shops? Not only are they right next door to each other, there’s an interior door so you... Read more »

Day 130: Notice- Accessories for Living

One advantages of lacrosse games 90 minutes from home? A whole new area of small businesses to discover! I figure, if I’m driving my kids this far to play a sport, and sitting in the wind & cold, they can endure a little shopping. Granted, I could have stayed a little longer in some of... Read more »

Shop Small Day 95: Me Tu Boutique

UPDATE (9-28-13) Me Tu is now under new ownership and a new name, Me Tu Boutique Bella. They are no longer affiliated with the Morris location. Same trendy concept, more affordable prices! Sometime during the span of having my kids, jeans went from a $40 off the Gap rack staple to a $198 investment. I’m... Read more »

Day 77: Find your Moxie!

If you don’t want to drive to DeKalb just for yesterday’s small business, Ollie’s (though it’s well worth the drive!), you can spend some time shopping too. In fact, they have one of my favorite stores for picking up fun gifts, vintage tchotchkes, and cool accessories. Pretty much anything you could need (and tons of... Read more »

Day 38: Fantastic Designer Brand Deals!

I swear, this is the last post on resale shops for awhile.  But I had so much fun today, that I couldn’t pass up telling you.  Looking for designer shoes, purses, clothes, and jewelry and huge discounts?   I found the mother of all resale stores for you! Champagne tastes on a beer budget?  You’re... Read more »