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Shop Small Day 210: Hazel Marie's

Every small town needs an ice cream parlor, right? I mean Main Street and ice cream just go together. Unfortunately, for too many years, Plainfield didn’t have one. Sure, you could get a scoop, but a true, go to town for, old school ice cream shop didn’t exist. Until this month. Local residents Tammy and... Read more »

Shop Small Day 290: Purrfect Fur Pets

Ok, let’s just forget that it’s been an obnoxiously long time since we’ve seen a Shop Small post. Of course I have a million and one excuses, but it’s all irrelevent, we’re here now and that’s all that’s important, right? Just go with me on it. Don’t think that while I’ve been away that I’ve... Read more »

Shop Small Day 217: Capri Sogno

Despite the fact that I’m not even 1% Italian, I could eat pasta every day. Probably even every meal. That’s why I am so excited that a new Italian restaurant opened in our town. We jumped at the chance to try Capri Sogno. Even though it’s white table cloth and could easily call for a... Read more »