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The year I spent only $23 at Target

I don’t live in the middle of nowhere. It’s a 10 minute walk from my house to Target- and there’s probably three more within five miles of me. And, no, I wasn’t trying to annoy my family with another year challenge. Really, it started because of my brother-in-law. In a random conversation I mentioned that... Read more »

Shop Small Day 277: Top 7 of 2013

Ok, it was nearly impossible coming up with my 7 favorite small businesses of 2013. So, I had to create some criteria to narrow the selection a bit. (A) 2013 had to be the first time I visited the shop (I was already a fan of Peter Rubi and Pet Supply Outlet before 2013), (B)... Read more »

Shop Small Day 254: International Dinner

A couple of years ago I hosted Christmas Eve for my family. Since it was at my house, I figured I could put a little spin on the menu. So, in my natural “tree-hugging” spirit we created a Peace on Earth/Christmas Around the World International dinner. The meal was less about making sure all of... Read more »

Day 126: Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Since it was a beautiful day, I was in the area, and it’s close to Mother’s Day, I figured it was the perfect time to test out Hoosier Mama Pie Company! “Pie, pie, me oh my” is right (bonus points if you can name the movie). Although pie isn’t my favorite dessert, I’ve been sort... Read more »

Day 61: A blackberry burrito boss twist

This weekend has been a productive assortment of weekend projects, which is great for my to-do list, not so great for shopping.  I do know that all of this work has made me insatiably  hungry.  It’s that kind of hungry, though, where I can’t even decide what I want to eat.  Actually, there’s something from... Read more »

Day 47: Who's your Pie Boss?

I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes for today’s stop. Not because I was hesitant to try South African food, more so because I thought I was already familiar with the taste. Generally foods in a pastry (pot pies & beef wellington) creep me out. I don’t particularly like crust and soupy food... Read more »