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Shop Small Day 272: Gift cards that kick start New Year's Resolutions

A manicure and a martini?Yes, please! <a href=" http://www.chicagonow.com/shop-small-2013/2013/02/day-36-a-manicure-and-a-martini-yes-please/"target="_blank">Cosmos Beauty Bar</a>  is a full service bar within a mani/pedi salon.  Need I say more?!
I usually try to avoid giving gift certificates, they just seem too impersonal. Of course, though, there are definitely some exceptions. In fact, a gift card to any of these awesome small businesses will tell the recipient that you understand exactly what they want! New to Shop Small 2013 and want to know how this... Read more »

Day 136: Kicks Shoes

Mama needs a new pair of shoes!  Now that the weather is staying warm (longer than an hour), I’m realizing that I’m seriously lacking spring shoes.  Since my 11 year old is almost my same height, I love sandles with a little heel!   I found a great pair of fall heels for New York... Read more »

Day 36: A manicure and a martini? Yes, please!

You read the title correctly! A manicure and a martini all in one place! Pedicure and a beer more your style? They have that too. First things first, though. As you may have noticed, our Shop Small 2013 blog has moved! I am honored to be part of the Chicago Now forum, host to some... Read more »