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Shop Small Day 230: rQ! Barbecue

A gorgeous fall-weather day seemed to call for a bbq lunch. Though we were tempted to head to our recent favorite, Sharkos, I heard there’s a new spot that recently opened. So after hockey practice, my hungry son and I headed to rQ! Barbeque. Since sports practices bring us to this side of town often, it’s... Read more »

Shop Small Day 200: Canal Port

We’re jumping back to the Starved Rock area for today. After all of that hiking, you may be hungrier for more than just a cupcake…you need a meal. While there are a few places for a quick hamburger or hot dog, if you want something more substantial, head to Canal Port. A local favorite since... Read more »

Shop Small Day 185: MACS

I feel like I just discovered McDonalds right before Ray Kroc. Over the next few years I can definitely see this place popping up in college towns across the country. Because, really, by 2am who doesn’t want a bowl of cheesy mac & cheese with bacon?! Until then, though, you’re going to have to hit... Read more »

Shop Small Day 164: Protein Bar

Imagine this. You’re working hard to exercise, eat healthy, and basically do good things for your body. Now, imagine real life is occuring and you’re on the road, hungry, and are short on time. So, where do you go? Options are limited, right? Not anymore! Introducing, the Protein Bar. Here’s how it began. Matt Matros... Read more »

Shop Small Day 148: Sharko's BBQ

I prefer a pulled pork sandwich over a hamburger any day. But, finding a quick bbq spot for lunch in the ‘burbs isn’t easy. Until now! If you’ve grown up in the Chicago area, you’re probably familiar with the name. They’ve stuck to catering over the past decade since their last restaurant closed, but they’re... Read more »

Day 133: Foodstuffs

Apparently I didn’t come prepared for our afternoon in Evanston…I should have brought a cooler & dry ice. Without the cooler, we had to eat everything right then, which we managed no problem.  I wouldn’t necessarily call Foodstuffs a grocery store, it’s more the speciality fresh market I’ve been missing. Foodstuffs is your one stop... Read more »

Day 128: Wicked Good Cafe

Thank God! I have finally found a coffee shop! It’s not that I go out for coffee often, I just like to have the option. Sure you can just run in and grab a cup of coffee, but you’ll want to have a sandwich and stay to chat for a while. This isn’t just a... Read more »

Day 110: Smokey's Wood Pit Bbq

Today’s your lucky day, a “double header!” Yep, you’ll get days 110 & 111 today because… well, I just didn’t get day 110 done before my son’s baseball game last night, and beer & pizza afterwards lead to a late night!  So, here we go with Smokey’s Wood Pit Bbq. If you’re out driving around... Read more »

104: Shane's Deli

Ahhh.. what a fabulous Sunday.  Sunny, 70°, Hawks win…what could be better?! In case you missed the Facebook picture (my first question would be why aren’t you following us on Facebook?), the day started with a trip to Natt’s Orchids. Gorgeous isn’t it? The kid’s and I enjoyed a fairly lazy afternoon, and my husband... Read more »

Day 101: The Cellar Bistro

Based on friends’ Facebook comments, it looks like everyone has had a hell of a week and is ready for a glass of wine.  What I could really go for is a good meal.  One that is prepared FOR me with the same level of consciousness to sustainability that I use.  Sounds like it’s time to... Read more »