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Shop Small Day 210: Hazel Marie's

Every small town needs an ice cream parlor, right? I mean Main Street and ice cream just go together. Unfortunately, for too many years, Plainfield didn’t have one. Sure, you could get a scoop, but a true, go to town for, old school ice cream shop didn’t exist. Until this month. Local residents Tammy and... Read more »

Shop Small Day 294: Kimmer's Ice Cream

Even though summer break is coming to a close, there’s still plenty of perfect weather for everyone’s favorite summer treat…ice cream. Then again, is there ever a time of year that isn’t perfect for ice cream? This shop is one for the books, though. Kids take note- when you follow your passion an amazing future... Read more »

Shop Small Day 282: La Michoacana

I mentioned last time that I went to Aurora specifically to try Prisco’s, but found another surprise stop on the way home. Not even a half mile down from Prisco’s, two words caught my eye…homemade and ice cream. Quick u-turn and I found myself in a cool (no pun intended) new shop...La Michoacana. Even though... Read more »

Shop Small Day 191: Ice Cream Planet

I can’t believe I’ve lived in the Chicago suburbs my entire life & I’ve never heard of this place.   Ok, the store has only been here for 15 years, but still, no excuse! It’s off the beaten path, so had I not searched for small shops in the Brookfield area, I still wouldn’t have found... Read more »

Shop Small Day 174: Cool Creations

I’m pretty certain I can find he best ice cream shop in any town. Maybe it was the beautiful weather, maybe it was watching 6 hours of baseball- whatever the reason- today was a double scoop kind of day! Good thing we found Cool Creations! Located in historic Lockport, Cool Creations is a 1950’s style... Read more »

Shop Small Day 156: Banana Split

Whoever decided to open an ice cream shop right across from a baseball park is genius! One of the best parts of having a kid play a travel sport is finding great small shops in different towns. While we spotted this place last night, it was a little too cold for ice cream. So, we... Read more »

Day 97: Yoga, sushi, yogurt, and more!

It’s been a whirlwind of a birthday weekend, so tonight’s post is going to be brief.  I think I visited several of my favorite small spots over the past three days plus a couple more I’ll tell you about next week. I thoroughly enjoyed some yoga, sushi, frozen yogurt, and ice cream.   Good thing... Read more »

Day 89: Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor!

While I enjoy the occasional cupcake, my true dessert of choice is ice cream: mint chocolate chip, sherbet, custard, pumpkin, cinnamon, you name it. I’m happy with any flavor, as long as there aren’t pecans! Even though we didn’t see the Blackhawks win last night, we scored big when we stopped by this Brown Cow... Read more »

Day 56: Everyday's a sundae!

Ready for some dessert?  I don’t know if it’s the warm(ish) weather, but I was jonesing for ice cream.  So, my daughter and I made a special trip to an old favorites. Everyday’s a Sundae has been a Downers Grove staple since 1992, I think I’ve been going there since day one. Though they’ve changed... Read more »