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The Best Diet Plan For You: Part 2

A few things have changed since I wrote part one of the best diet plan for you. My kids are now teenagers, and I became a certified sports nutritionist. Yet, despite an extra driver in the house, I still feel like I’m constantly on the go. What does this mean for you? Not a whole... Read more »

A nutritionist's guide: 4 tips for healthy eating

In an ideal world we’d grow our own vegetables…pick fresh fruit off our trees & bushes…gather eggs from our pet hens…and milk our own cows and goats. Yeah, that’s not my world today. Though it’s nice picking fresh basil and peppers from our small backyard garden, it’s certainly not going to sustain me…or my constantly... Read more »

Why I'm not telling you about artificial food coloring alternatives...yet

In my last post about artificial colors (Would you put whiskey in your kid’s cereal? Then don’t let them ingest artificial colors), there were some comments posted regarding the dangers of natural color alternatives. And they’re absolutely correct. Many companies are quite aware that consumers are avoiding certain ingredients, so they substitute others which may... Read more »

The Life Lesson We're Forgetting To Teach Our Kids

I get it. Busy is the new black. We don’t even answer a simple question like “how are you?” with fine, good, fantastic, or terrible anymore…it’s always “busy”. Really, though, I understand. I’m there too. As the parent of two teenagers active at school and involved in travel sports, life is chaotic without a doubt.... Read more »