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Shop Small Day 227: Bring it Home "Again"

There’s something about perusing through a consignment shop that makes me feel like I’m about to find a treasure. While haphazard clothing stores make me crazy, I love the comfortable chaos searching through vintage furniture and home goods. I’d be a great “American Picker.” One of my readers must know my style well to send... Read more »

Shop Small Day 195: Nest Vintage Modern

A few weeks ago my friend was out shopping and texted me “You HAVE to come to this store!” Since then, I’ve tried twice. Once it was just past closing time, the other time I was about an hour too early. I think the universe it actually trying to protect my wallet, it may be... Read more »

Shop Small Day 182: Alpha Beta Karma

Crappy t-shirt shop, crappy t-shirt shop, fudge, crappy… wait…what’s this?! Yes, in the “water-park capital” of America, real stores do exist! While trolling the “downtown,” my heart skipped a beat and I almost did a little dance (which frighteningly wouldn’t have looked out of place) when I came across Alpha Beta Karma Guys, if you’ve... Read more »

Day 129: Room 363

I cannot believe this store has been open since August and I just found it yesterday. Although, I can almost understand why no one told me earlier, I sort of want to keep it to myself too. I know when I find a store whose entrance looks like this, I am home! Believe it or... Read more »

Day 124: Anastazia- treasures for the home

I love when small business owners contact me to visit their stores; A- it makes me giddy that people & businesses are following my challenge, and B- it’s a great way to find new places to shop. I’m so happy Tom Konopacki invited me to check out his pride & joy… Anastazia: treasures for the... Read more »

Day 66: Just can't wait to get On the Road Again

Nostalgia must be the theme this week. Today’s plans included running general errands, but I ended up stumbling upon a really cool shop. Actually, through an odd twist of fate, I found a home decor consignment shop that I will definitely frequent often. First, a little history. My dad died almost thirty years ago. Although... Read more »