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Doing the best you can doesn't mean you're failing

Years ago, I subscribed to a magazine meant to inspire “mindful” living. It was packed with beautiful illustrations of idyllic vacation spots, healthy recipes, and yoga sequences to create lasting energy. It subtly began to evolve to the benefits of adding 15 minutes more to your morning workout; 10 foods you should eat every day;... Read more »

Target, your new wellness plan is "simply" hypocritical

This week, Target announced their plans to make healthy living easier for their employees and guests. The idea to replace impulse items at the checkout line with healthier alternatives is brilliant. Providing a free/discounted FitBit for employees to track their activity is commendable. But, Target’s connection between better health and what’s offered on the shelves... Read more »

Conveniently Green: a new guide to healthier living

I didn’t grow up on a commune, and I wasn’t home schooled. Though I’ve traveled extensively, I’ve never slept in a tent. And, while dinners when I was a kid were generally made from scratch, I ate fast food for lunch…often. When my kids were born I made their baby food- really I just pureed... Read more »